Inspector ASF Most Repeated MCQS Past Papers pdf Book

FPSC Inspector ASF Most Repeated MCQS Past Papers pdf Book download online test preparation website

61. Where is Golden Gate bridge
Ans. San Francisco

62.The first Asian games held in
Ans. India

63.Sky News is channel of
Ans. America

64.Human Rights Watch is based in
Ans. Geneva

65.Who built Shalimar Garden in 1642
Ans. Shahjhan

66.Abu Ghraib is a prison in
Ans. Iraq

67.Which continent has no desert
Ans. Europe

68.Wheel is the symbol of
Ans. Progress

69.Who built Bashahi Mosque in 1674
Ans. Auranzaib Alamgir

70.Polio is a disease of
Ans. Viral

71.Where is headquarter of FAO
Ans. Rome

72.Which canal links North sea and Baltic sea
Ans. Keil canal

73.Which is smallest republic
Ans. nauro

74.MENA is news agency of
Ans. Egypt

75. NASA is belong to
Ans. USA

76.Who discovered oxygen
Ans. Prieestly

77.What is name of Israel Parliament
Ans. Knesset

78.State bank of Pakistan inaugurated on July 1, 1948 by
Ans. Quaid-e-Azam

79.The normal temperature of human body is
Ans. 98.8F

80.Golden Temple is in
Ans. India

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