Inspector Customs Repeated Solved MCQS Past Papers pdf Books

FPSC Inspector Customs Repeated Solved MCQS Past Papers pdf Books download online test preparation website

41. When did Quia-e-Azam joined Muslim League?
Ans. 1913

42.When Day of Deliverance was celebrated?
Ans. 22 Dec 1939

43.Sofia is the capital of
Ans. Bulgaria

44.Kashmir Solidarity Day is oberved on
Ans. february 5

45.Hepatitis is the disease of
Ans. Liver

46.Which country has oldest anthem
Ans. Japan

47.What is Big Ben?
Ans. Clock

48.Switzerland is called?
Ans. Play ground of Europe

49.Who is founder of Algebra
Ans. Al- Khwarizmi

50.Anemometer is used to measure
Ans. Velocity of wind

51.Who was first viceroy of Subcontinent
Ans. Lord Canning

52.Neapoleon was king of
Ans. France

53.Switzerland old name is
Ans. Helvatia

54.Where is Great Sandy Desert
Ans. Australia

55.Where is Headquarter of World Economic Forum
Ans. Davos

56.Black sea and Marmara sea are connected by
Ans. Bosphorous starit

57.Who discover Newzealand
Ans. Abel Tasman

58.Yantze is the longest river of
Ans. Asia

59.Where is Mount Everst
Ans. Nepal

60.Seattle is a seaport of
Ans. USA

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