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81.A boy travels six km per hour. How many meters will he travel in five minutes.
Ans. 500 meters

82.What is Next number? 69, 66, 60, 48,—
Ans. 24

83.( ?)2=289
Ans. 17

84.4 is 25% of——–
Ans. 16

85.10 men can complete a job in 14 days. How long will it take 4 men to finish the same
job if they work at the same rate?
Ans. 35 days

86.Aslam has to pay zakat on Rs. 74000 at the 205%. How much amount will
have to pay as zakat?
Ans. 1850

87.Anwar bought a bag of sugar for Rs. 800 and sold it for Rs. 960. Find his
profit in percentage.
Ans. 20%

88.10% profit on Rs. 250= ?
Ans. 25

89.What is next number? 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,——
Ans. 19

90.In the exam 45% students failed and 550 students were passed. The totla number of
students who appeared in the exam were
Ans. 1000

91.If a specific job can be performed by 18 workers in 26 days, the number of workers
needed to perform the same job in 12 days is
Ans. 39

92.Rashid can read 60 pages per hour. At this rate how many pages he read
in 29 minutes.
Ans. 29

Ans. 256

94.What is next number?109, 106, 101, 94, 85,——–

95.5% of 100 is
Ans. 5

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