FBR Taxes Department Related MCQS Questions Answers

FBR Taxes Department Related MCQS Questions Answers download in pdf online practice tests

1. When the central Board or Revenue has been converted to Federal Board or Revenue.

2. When did the central Board of Revenue (CBR) was created?

3. When did FBR was made an attached department of the Ministry of Finance?

3. FTN stands for ____________________ Tax Number

4. NTN stands for _______________________ Tax Number

5. FBR has how many major wings?

6. Which one of the following is the general meaning of Tax?

7. Pension received by a citizen of Pakistan is __________________ from tax

Fully taxable

8. Which of the following is the tax year available for salaried individual declared by FBR?

1st July to 30th June

9. ADR stands for
Alternative dispute resolution

10. Pakistan’s fiscal year starts from:
1st July

11. To control inflation the government should increase:
Income tax

12. It is a source of revenue for the Local Government bodies:
a) Corporation tax
b) Value added tax
c) Excise duty
d) Property tax

13. In Pakistan, income tax is collected by:
Federal govt.

14. Which one is not a principle of taxation:
Principle of diversity

15. In Pakistan, taxes are levied by:
National assembly