Lecturer Physics Online Past MCQS Practice Test

Lecturer Physics Online Past MCQS Practice Test

Lecturer Physics Sample Papers, MCQs from Past Papers, Prepare Online Practice Test

Q.1 For photons of energy greater than 1.02 MeV the probability of pair production occurrence __________ as the energy increases.

Q.2 The neutron is assumed to be made of
One up quark and two down quarks

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Q.3 An __________ missile is called a ballistic missile.
Un-powered and un-guided

Q.4 Two cylinders of equal mass are made from same material. The one with the larger diameter accelerates __________ the other under the action of same torque.
Faster than

Q.5 The angular frequency of simple pendulum is directly proportional to __________

Q.6 Two waves of slightly different frequencies and traveling in same direction produce ________

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Q.7 A single mode step index fibre has core of about __________ μm diameter

Q.8 A 5 Ohm resistor is indicated by a single __________ color band around its body.

Q.9 Practically __________ current flows in a reverse biased p-n junction.
Very large

Q.10 Cesium coated oxidized silver emits electrons for __________ light.

Q.11 The cobalt is absorbed by

Q.12 In a step-down transformer the output current __________
Is increased

Q.13 Force in terms of base units is expressed as
kg ms-2

Q.14 100 joules work has been done by an agency in 10 seconds. What is power of agency?
10 watt

Q.15 The acceleration is proportional to the displacement and is directed towards mean position in __________ motion.
Simple harmonic

Q.16 In gases, the speed of sound is inversely proportional to __________ of the density when other factors are same.
Square root

Q.17 A watch maker uses __________ to repair the watches.
Convex lens

Q.18 A 2m long pipe is open at both ends. What is its harmonic frequency?
85 Hz

Q.19 A wire has resistance 100 Ohm at 0 oC and 200 Ohm at 100 oC. What is its temperature coefficient in K-1?

Q.20 The net magnetic field created by the electrons within an atom is due to the field created by their __________ motion.
Orbital x spin

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