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The Word philosophy is derived from ?
Ans. Phila and Sophia

Who was the first head of the Deoband ?
Ans.Maulana M. Yaqub Nanautwi

When the Deoband was established ?
Ans. 1867

When M.A.O High school was established ?

Who established Scientific society ?
Sir syed Ahmad Khan

When Jamia Millia Islamia was established?
Ans. 1900

Jamia Millia Islamia was established by ?
Ans. Moulana M. Ali johar

Anjman Himayat e Islam was established in ?
Ans. Lahore

Anjman Himayat e Islam was established on ?
Ans. 1887

Nadva tul ulema was established on ?
Ans 1894

Education conference 1947 was held in ?

National Education Commission 1959 was established under the headship of ?
Ans. S.M Sharif

Text Book Board was recommended to establish under ?
Ans.National Education commission 1959

Open University was established under the Education policy ?
Ans 1972

Charles wood Dispatch was presented in ?
Ans. 1854

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