BPSC English Precise and Essay Paper

BPSC English Precise and Essay Paper


Time 03 Hours , June 21, 2012 Marks:100

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Q.No.1. Write an essay on one of the following topic:
(i) Failures are stepping stones to success.
(ii) Corruption
(iii) Need of rain forest
(iv) Cowardice
(v) Where there is a will, there is a way.
Q.No.2. Correct any Five of the following sentences:
(i) I neither like tea nor coffee.
(ii) He sometimes talks as if he is mad.
(iii) Do not pay him money to prevent him to smoke.
(iv) He not only plays football, but also cricket.
(v) If you told me earlier, I would have helped you.
(vi) We would die rather than retreat.
(vii) As soon as they will come, we will offer them lunch.

Q.No.3. Use any five of the following idioms in your sentences to bring out their meanings clearly:

(i) To split the hair
(ii) To end in smoke
(iii) To be beside oneself
(iv) To build a bridge over the sea
(v) To burn the candle at both ends
(vi) To keep one’s fingers crossed
(vii) To pay the debt of nature

Q.No.4. Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition (Do any five)
(i) We should be grateful………….those who help us.
(ii) All the questions should be answered…………ink.
(iii) After the rain stopped, everybody was soaked………….water.
(iv) He son will be the beneficiary………….his wealth.
(v) …………..his sincerity, nobody likes him.
(vi) Be cautious…………..your health.
(vii) The key………….this lock is missing.

Q.No.5. Use the following pairs of words in sentences of your own. (Do any five)

(i) Vain/Vein
(ii) Heaven/Haven
(iii) Pane/Pain
(iv) Heir/Air
(v) Sore/Soar
(vi) Main/Mane
(vii) Course/Coarse

Q.No.6. Write a letter to the Inspector General Police informing him about the lawless elements in your area.

Q.No.7. Make a précis of the following passage and assign it a suitable title:
A man who does not think ill of others or do wrong to others has a good conscience. He has no enemies to guard against. All love him and none hates him. He does not brood over plans of deceiving others or concealing his guilts committed in other spheres. He is, in short, free from fear of private enmity, legal action or social disgrace. He is happy though poor. He is respected though he may be illiterate. All these give him such a calm and serenity of mind which is a condition precedent to sound sleep. He needs no cozy bed or feather-made pillow. Even lying his head on a stone or having the bare earth as his bed, he can sleep more comfortably than the king can enjoy on his featheren bed. His clean conscience is his soft pillow and he needs none from outside.