NTS SBP State Bank of Pakistan OG-2 Sample Past Papers

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Biotechnology MCQS Past Papers

Biotechnology MCQS Past Papers in pdf download solved mcqs notes

1. A group of living organisms of the same species located in the same place at the same time is?
(A) Biosphere (B) Population
(C) Biome (D) Community

Ans: B

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2. The tentative explanation of observation is ?
(A) Hypothesis (B) Theory
(C) Law (D) Deduction

Ans: A

3. The percentage of ribosomal RNA in the cell is?
(A) 20% (B) 50%
(C) 80% (D) 04%

Ans: C

4. The most abundant organic compound in mammalian cell is?
(A) Carbohydrates (B) Water
(C) Proteins (D) Lipids

Ans: C

5. The detachable cofactor of an enzyme is known as?
(A) Coenzyme (B) Prosthetic group
(C) Activator (D) Apoenzyme

Ans: C

6. According to Fischer’s Lock and Key model, the active site is?
(A) Flexible structure (B) Soft structure
(C) Attractive structure (D) Rigid structure

Ans: D

7. The mitochondria functions in ?
(A) Photosynthesis (B) Cellular respiration
(C) Electrolysis (D) Lipid storage


Ans: B

8. Cell wall of a prokaryotic cell is equipped with a unique molecule?
(A) Silica (B) Murein
(C) Wax (D) Chitin


Ans: B

9. Tay-Sachs disease results due to accumulation of _________________ in brain cells.
(A) Lipids (B) Glucose
(C) Proteins (D) Mg +2 ions


Ans: A

10. Cell wall is absent in ?
(A) Mycoplasma (B) Vibrio
(C) E.coli (D) Spirochete

Ans: A


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