BS Biotechnology Solved MCQS Past Papers

BS Biotechnology Solved MCQS Past Papers Notest in pdf online practice tests 1. Asexual reproduction in bacteria occurs by? (A) Conjugation (B) Transduction (C) Binary fission (D) Transfromation 2. ______________ is the largest group of fungi. (A) Ascomycota (B) Basidiomycota (C) Deuteromycota (D) Zygomycota 3. Antibiotic obtained from a soil fungus and used in organ … Read more

Biotechnology MCQS Past Papers

Biotechnology MCQS Past Papers in pdf download solved mcqs notes 1. A group of living organisms of the same species located in the same place at the same time is? (A) Biosphere (B) Population (C) Biome (D) Community Ans: B 2. The tentative explanation of observation is ? (A) Hypothesis (B) Theory (C) Law (D) … Read more