Assistant Director FIA MCQS Solved Past Papers pdf Book

Assistant Director FIA MCQS Solved Past Papers pdf Books Download Online Test Preparation for Assistant Director Investigation Jobs by FPSC

21. Who wrote National Anthem of Pakisan?
Ans. Hafeez Jallundhri

22.Durand Line was demarcated in
Ans. 1893

23.Which country recognized first
Ans. Iran

24.Who was first speaker of National Assembly
Ans. Tamiz ud Din

25.NAM was established in
Ans. 1961

26.When Pakistan became NAM member
Ans. 1979

27.Lufthansa is the airline of
Ans. Germany

28.WAFA is the news agency of
Ans. Palestine

29.When sindh separted from Bombay
Ans. 1935

30. Sun light gives us Vitamin
Ans. D

31.Who was first Congress Muslim Presiden
Ans. Badar Ur-Din Tayyab Ji

32.Who said Divide and Quit
Ans. Quaid-e-Azam

33.Salisbury is the old name of
Ans. Harare

34.When Islamabad became capital
Ans. 1960

35.One who looks o the bright side of things is called
Ans. Optimist

36. There has been a complete break——-of law and order
Ans. down

37.Rithless opposite is
Ans. Merciful

38.Coastal line length is
Ans. 1046km

39.Congress participated in Round Table Conference
Ans. Second

40.Quaid-e-Azam remained member both congress and Muslim league for
Ans. 7 years

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