9th Class English Unit-5 Answers of all Questions 

Poem: Daffodils 9th Class English Unit-5 Answers of all Questions

From  Book Exercise:Q.1 What is the central idea of the poem?

Ans. The poet describes the beauty of nature and its effects on human mind.

Q.2 What do the daffodils represent in the poem?

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Ans. Daffodils represent the beauty of nature and beginning of spring.

Q.3 What “Wealth” do memories of the scene give to the poet?

Ans. The memories of the scene give the poet bliss of solitude.

Q.4 List words that that heighten the sound effect in the poem?
Ans. These words are cloud, crowd, breeze, shine, glance, dance etc.

Q.5 How has the poet heightened the impact of the poem by using the figurative language?
ANS The use of figurative language made the poem impressive and interesting.

Unit-6 Questions Answers

From Lesson:

Q.1 How do you compare the daffodils with the stars?

Ans. Both are natural objects, beautiful and bright.

Q.3 How does the poet feel in the company of daffodils?

Ans. The poet feels happy in the company of daffodils.

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