9th Class English Chapter-4 Questions with Answers

Unit No. 4 Hazrat Asma 9th Class English Chapter-4 Questions with Answers

From Book Exercise:

Q.1:What happened when Abu Jehl asked about Hazrat Abu Bakar from Hazrat Asma?
Ans.When Abu Jehl asked about Hazrat Abu Bakar, she replied politely, “How would I know?”

Q.2: Why was Hazrat Abu Quhafaa worried?
Ans. He was worried that Abu Bakar had taken away all the wealth leaving them empty handed.

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Q.3: How did Hazrat Asma console her grandfather?

Ans. She gathered some pebbles in a cloth and put them at the place where her father used to keep his money. Her blind grandfather
touched the cloth and thought it was full of gold.

Q.4: Who was Hazrat Abdullah Bin Zubair?
Ans. He was the son of Hazrat Asma.

Q.5: Which incident in the story shows Hazrat Asma’s love and respect for the Rasool?
Ans. Her services during migration show her love and respect for the Rasool.

Q.6: Which incident in the story shows the generosity of Hazrat Asma?
Ans. She sold her inherited garden and gave away all the money to the poor and the needy. This incident shows her generosity.

Q.7: What message do you get from the life of Hazrat Asma?
Ans. We get the message of courage, bravery and generosity from her life.

Q.8: “Her life would always be a beacon of light for all of us”. How?
Ans. Her life will be a beacon of light for all of us due to her wisdom, courage, bravery and generosity.

Unit No-5 Questions with Answers

From Lesson:

Q.1: Who were emigrants and where did they migrate?
Ans. The Holy Prophet and Hazrat Abu Bakar were emigrants. They migrated from Makkah to Madinah.

Q.2: What do you understand by the phrase ” in a fit of fury”?
Ans. It means a person in a state of anger.

Q.3: Why was Abu Jehl furious?
Ans. Hazrat Asma’s counter question made him furious.

Q.4: What are the other words you can use for “accepted”?
Ans. We can use became and believed.

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