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9th English Unit-3 Easy Answers of Questions

9th English Simple Notes

9th English Unit-3 Easy Answers of Questions Unit No 3. Media and its Impact Questions with Answers in pdf free download.

From Book Exercise:

Q.1: What is the most important function that media performs?
Ans. The most important function of media is to provide news and entertainment.

Q.2: What are the two major means of communication? Give three examples for each?
Ans. The two major means of communication are electronic media(TV, Internet and Radio) and print media (Newspapers, Books and Magazines).

Q.3: How does media provide entertainment?
Ans. Media provides entertainment through films, dramas, stage shows and music.

Q.4: What happens when media is allowed to play its role unchecked?
Ans. When media is allowed to play its role unchecked, it spreads false news.

Q.5: Give three reasons in support of your favorite T.V program.
Ans. I like “Capital Talk” because it provides important information and debates. It informs us about current issues.

Chapter No. 4 Questions Answers

From Lesson:

Q.1: What type of information does it provide?
Ans. Media provides us all types of knowledge and information related to life and history.

Q.2: Guess the meaning of tutorial?
Ans. It means a discussion period in the class on any topic.

Q.3: Which is your favorite TV program? Why?
Ans. “Capital Talk” is my favourite programme because it informs us about current issues.