5th Class Science PEC Solved Objective MCQs Notes

5th Class Science PEC Solved Objective MCQs Notes

Q. No.1. Frog belongs to:
(a) amphibians (b) reptiles
(c) birds (d) mammals
Q. No.2. Shark breathes through:
(a) lungs (b) fins
(c) scales (d) gills
Q. No.3. Classification of animals helps us to know about their:
(a) weight (b) similarities
(c) number (d) colour
Q. No.4. Apple plant belongs to:
(a) fungi (b) conifers
(c) dicots (d) monocots
Q. No.5. Number of petals in a flower of monocot plant may be:
(a) 4 (b) 6
(c) 8 (d) 10
Q. No.6. The group which belongs to microorganisms is:
(a) insects (b) birds
(c) virus (d) mammals
Q. No.7. Which of the following is the cause of infection in our body?
(a) Vaccines (b) Germs
(c) Antibiotics (d) Antibodies
Q. No.8. Dengue fever spreads by:
(a) mosquito (b) house fly
(c) wasp (d) honey bee
Q. No.9. Poisonous gases are produced when:
(a) buildings are constructed
(b) soil erosion takes place
(c) garbage is burnt
(d) trees are cut
Q. No.10. The main cause of cholera is:
(a) land pollution (b) noise pollution
(c) air pollution (d) water pollution
Q. No.11. Regular arrangement of particles is present in:
(a) sugar (b) milk
(c) honey (d) water
Q. No.12. The pollution caused by burning of petrol is:
(a) land pollution (b) water pollution
(c) air pollution (d) noise pollution
Q. No.13. Change of water into ice is called:
(a) freezing (b) melting
(c) boiling (d) condensation
Q. No.14. Change of vapours into water is called:
(a) evaporation (b) freezing
(c) melting (d) condensation
Q. No.15. Friction helps us in:
(a) reading (b) writing
(c) thinking (d) seeing
Q. No.16. The main cause of earth rotation around the Sun is:
(a) magnetism (b) electricity
(c) friction (d) gravity
Q. No.17. A bar that turns about a fixed point is called a/an:
(a) pulley (b) wedge
(c) lever (d) inclined plane
Q. No.18. Objects through which we can see but not clearly are called:
(a) transparent (b) translucent
(c) opaque (d) luminous
Q. No.19. An example of an opaque substance is:
(a) tissue paper (b) tracing paper
(c) water (d) steel
Q. No.20. Electric current is due to the flow of which of the following particles?
(a) neutrons (b) protons (c) electrons (d) atoms
Q. No.21. The meter used to measure electric current is:
(a) thermometer (b) ammeter
(c) volt meter (d) barometer
Q. No.22. Particle with positive charge is:
(a) neutron (b) proton
(c) electron (d) atom
Q. No.23. A fuse is used as a:
(a) door bell (b) security alarm
(c) circuit breaker (d) galvanometer
Q. No.24. Which of the following is a planet?
(a) Earth (b) Moon
(c) Pluto (d) Sun
Q. No.25. The gases in Sun include:
(a) helium and hydrogen
(b) oxygen and helium
(c) chlorine and hydrogen
(d) hydrogen and nitrogen
1 a
2 d
3 b
4 c
5 b
6 c
7 b
8 a
9 c
10 d
11 a
12 c
13 a
14 d
15 b
16 d
17 c
18 b
19 d
20 c
21 b
22 b
23 c
24 a
25 a

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