5th Class English Grammar PEC Solved MCQs Notes

5th Class English Grammar PEC Solved MCQs Notes

No.1. The group of common nouns is

a) Orange, Islamabad b) Girl, Friday

c) Multan, Child       d) Book, School

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No.2.   The deer saw ___________ in the clear water.

a) himself         b) herself

c) yourself         d) itself


No.3. When you need permission to enter the class, you ask your teacher

a) Come in.       b) Should I come in?

c) May I come in? d) Yes, come in.


No.4. Hard work is the key ________ success.

a) from         b) at

c) to d) with


No.5. In which word is the sound of “k” silent?

a) King           b) Know

c) Kite           d) Key


No.6. She eats __________ apple every day.

a) a b) an

c) the   d) much


No.7. My teacher will _______ me in my studies.

a) helped         b) helps

c) helping       d) help


No.8. I am _______ for my exams and _______ to get good grades.

a) preparing, wanted     b) prepares, wants

c) prepared, wanting d) preparing, want


No.9. Shazia was _______the story book which I _______ last week.

a) read, buying b) reading, buying

c) reading, bought d) read, bought


No.10.   The sentence with correct capitalization is

a) I study English on Monday and Tuesday.  

b) I study english on monday and tuesday.

c) i study English on monday and tuesday.

d) I study english on Monday and Tuesday.


No.11.   The big ________ has brown colour.

a) bere         b) bare

c) bear d) beir


No.12. The sentence with correct punctuation is

a) Ahmed bought eggs and bread, butter and sugar.

b) Ahmed bought eggs, bread, butter and sugar.      

c) Ahmed bought eggs and bread, butter, sugar.

d) Ahmed bought eggs, bread and butter and sugar.


No.13. The adjective of the noun “mischief” is

a) mischiefs       b) mischievousness

c) mischievously       d) mischievous


No.14.   The sentence with correct structure is

a) Maryam takes her lessons weekly.    

b) Maryam her takes lessons weekly.

c) Maryam takes lessons her weekly.

d) Maryam takes lessons weekly her.


No.15.   Why did you buy these books?

The answer to this question is

a) I want to read these books. b) I bought these books yesterday.

c) I bought these books for Rs.250.   d) These are my books

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