Zoology Notes for CSS Examination

Zoology Notes for CSS Examination

1. Metamerically segmented worms belong to phylum:

(a)Nematoda (b)Platyhelminthes (c) Annelida (d)None of these

2. Which of the following is a multiflagellate Protozoa?

(a)Ceratium (b)Noctiluca (c) Leishmania (d)None of these

3. Spicules are secreted by: More Papers

(a)Scleroblasts (b)Nematoblasts (c) Endoblasts (d)None of these

4. Which of the following is a porous opening through which water enters the hydrocoel of an


(a)Pedicellaria (b)Tube feet (c) Madreporite (d)None of these

5. The body cavity of most triploblastic animals formed by splitting the mesoderm into an outer and an

inner layer is called:

(a)Coelentron (b)Coelom (c) Colon (d)None of these

6. Compound eyes are found in:

(a)Platyhelminthes (b)Ecinodermate (c) Mollusca (d)None of these

7. Egg-laying mammals are placed in sub class:

(a)Meththeria (b)Prototheria (c) Theria (d)None of these

8. Open circulatory system is found in:

(a)Birds (b)Earthworms (c) Cockroaches (d)None of these

9. Bivalve molluscs are usually:

(a)Scavangers (b)Deposit feeder (c) Filter feeder (d)None of these

10. The pillar or central axis around which the whorls of a gastropod shell are coiled is called:

(a)Columella (b)Collembola (c) Colloblasts (d)None of these

11. The ninth vertebra of frog is known as:

(a)Cervical (b)Sacral (c) Urostyle (d)None of these

12. The stage in an embryo in which the primary germ layers have been laid down is called:

(a)Gastrula (b)Blastula (c) Morula (d)None of these

13. A fish which migrates down river to spawn in the sea is called:

(a)Anadromous (b)Catadromous (c) Dromiacea (d)None of these

14. Which of the following has four-chambered heart?

(a)Dog fish (b)Frog (c) Pigeon (d)All of these

15. Facets by which vertebrae articulate with one another are called:

(a)Metapophyses (b)Parapophyses (c) Zygopophyses (d)None of these

16. The inner membrane of the two foetal membranes in reptiles, birds and mammals is called:

(a)Amnion (b)Chorion (c) Peritoneum (d)None of these

17. Amphioxus is an example of:

(a)Urochordata (b)Cyclostomata (c) Hemichordata (d)None of these

18. Filarial worm (genus Wuchereria) belong to phylum:

(a)Nematoda (b)Platyhelminthes (c) Annelida (d)None of these

19. Notochord is formed from primary:

(a)Ectoderm (b)Mesoderm (c) Endoderm (d)All of these

20. Shell fish includes:

(a)Shrimp, Crabs and eel fish (b)Dog fish, crabs and lobsters

(c) Lobsters, crabs and shrimps (d)All of these

1. Which of these is a direct source of energy for muscle contraction?

(a)ATP (b)Creatine phosphate (c) Lactic acid (d)Glucose (e)None of these

2. Muscle fatigue is caused by:

(a)CO2 (b)Lactic acid (c) Fumaric acid (d)Ethyl alcohol (e)   None of these

3. The functional unit in a skeletal muscle is called:

(a)Actin filament (b)Sarcomere (c) Z line (d)Myosin filament (e)   None of these

4. We would describe the layered, flat, scaly epithelium of human skin as:

(a)Simple Squamous (b)Stratified Squamous (c) Stratified Columnar

(d)Pseudo Stratified Cubiodal (e)   None of these

5. Which of the following is not considered to be a tissue?

(a)Cartilage (b)Mucous membrane lining the stomach (c) Blood (d)Brain (e)   All of these

6. As a Zoologist you would look for looping movement in:

(a)Earthworms (b)Poly chaetes (c) Echinoderms (d)Leeches (e)   None of these

7. The elements of nervous system which help in co-ordination are:

(a)Receptors (b)Neurons (c) Effectors (d)All of these (e)   None of these

8. The distal ends of which of these neurons lie adjacent to blood stream:

(a)Afferent neurons (b)Efferent neurons (c) Inter neurons

(d)Neuro secretory neuron (e)   All of these

9. The electrical potential that exists across a cell membrane is:

(a)Resting membrane potential (b)Active membrane potential (c) Automatic potential

(d)All of these (e)   None of these

10. A nerve is a:

(a)Collection of neurons (b)Concentration of dendrites and exons

(c) Bundles of exons or dendrites of neurons

(d)Bundles of exons or dendrites bounded by connective tissues (e)   None of these

11. Which of these is a correct statement?

(a)All of the neurons are excitable (b)All of the neurons can transmit impulses across their membrane

(c) Transmission of nurve impulses is always unidirectional (d)All of these statements

(e)   None of these

12. Sodium-Potassium pump operates with the help of which of these enzymes:

(a)Na+―K+ ATPase (b)Phosphatase (c) Isomerase (d)Hydrolase (e)   None of these

13. Name of the chemical messengers released to the exterior of one animal that affect the behaviour of another individual of the same species:

(a)Neuropeptides (b)Neurohormones (c) Pheromones (d)Neurotransmitters (e)   None of these

14. Hormones that the Thyroid gland secrets are:

(a)Proteins (b)Amines (c) Steroids (d)Carbohydrates (e)   All of these

15. Thyroxine is:

(a)An enzyme (b)A hormone (c) A vitamin (d)An excretory waste (e)   None of these

16. Development of Secondary Sexual characters in a female is controlled by:

(a)STH (b)Androgens (c) TSH (d)Estrogens (e)   None of these

17. Insulin is a hormone which is secreted by:

(a)Islet of langerhans and regulates glucose level in blood (b)Thyroid and regulates growth

(c) Adrenals and regulates heart beat (d)Pituitary and regulates reproduction (e)   None of these

18. Hormone responsible for regulation of calcium and phosphorous is secreted by:

(a)Thyroid (b)Para-thyroid (c) Adrenals (d)Thymus (e)   None of these

19. A hormone responsible for conversion of glucose into glycogen within the liver is called:

(a)Secretin (b)Gastrin (c) Pancreozymin (d)Insulin (e)   None of these

20. Fibrinogen is found in the:

(a)Bile and produced in liver (b)Blood and produced by RBCS

(c) Blood and produced in liver (d)Bone and produced in bone marrow (e)   None of these

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