Scientific Officer MSc Agriculture Entomology Solved MCQS Pdf

M.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture Sciences in Entomology Solved MCQS Past Papers pdf download for tests

1. Another name for an insect walking leg is:

2. Mosquito males locate females by using:
Scolopophorous sensillae

3. The highest, or most developed, form of sociality among insects is referred to as:
4. Family of the Emmalocera depressella:

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5. Family of the Spodoptera litura:

6. Family of the Pectinophora gossypiella:

7. An example of a biological control against insects is the use of
Sex hormones

8. As human consumers become less tolerant of insect damage on fruit, the economic thresholds for fruit pests are likely to:
Remain the same

9. Which of these is NOT considered an insect growth regulator?
Synthetic pyrethroid

10. The order Hemiptera contains:
Bed bugs and stink bugs

11. Which order is not holometabolous?

12. Which order is exclusively herbivorous?

13. All neopterous insects are:

14. To which body segment are the elytra attached?

15. The shell of an insect’s egg is called the:

16. Which sclerite lies below (ventral to) the frons?

17. A tormogen cell is always associated with a(n):

18. The cibarium is best described as:
The innermost layer of the epicuticle.

19. Elastic regions of the exoskeleton:
Are generally known as sclerites.

20. Stridulation is a method of producing sound by:
Striking the substrate.

21. In an ant nest, all workers are:
Adult females

22. Polleniferous apparatus is present in honey bee on:

23. Differentiation of insects’ body into distinct functional regions is called:

24. Spotted lanternfly is also called?

25. Insect blood does not:
Flow through the wings


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