Scientific Officer Food Technology Sciences Solved MCQS pdf

M.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture in Food Technology or Food Sciences and Technology or MS Food
Sciences and Technology  B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture Food Sciences & Technology Solved MCQS for Test Preparation

1.Moisture contents in meat is almost


2.Large amounts of calcium supplements can cause

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3.The disease of lameness is also called as:

Beri Beri

4.Hydrophobicity of lipids is associated with:

Ionic compounds

5.Olive oil is rich in:

Oleic acid

6.Strongest bonding type in alpha helix structure is:

Hydrogen bond

7.Kosher is the food allowed for:


8.Crystallization can be avoided by emulsifier in:

Fats and oils

9.Water freezes at 32oF and boils at:

212 F

10.Severe vitamin D deficiency has serious consequences for bone health and increase the risk of which disease:


11.Which light is more destructive to food colors as compared to sunlight?


12.Licensing system was first introduced in:


13.Naturally water present in milk is


14.UHT stands for

Ultra high temperature

15.Density of milk fat is

Less than water

16.pH of fresh milk is

6.5 – 6.7

17.Gerber method is used for determination of


18.Thermalization of milk is done at 60-69o C for

20 seconds

19.Zymology is a science of


20.The industrial revolution started in


21.Marasmus is

Protein-energy deficiency

22.Goitre results from which deficiency


23.Foodborne disease has been defined by


24.Dehydration of fresh vegetables is


25.Viruses are composed of


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