PPSC Lecturer Chemistry MCQs Sample Past Papers

PPSC Lecturer Chemistry MCQs Sample Past Papers,Model Papers Lecturer Chemistry,Lecturer Chemistry Past Papers Practice Tests

Q.1 The elements of IIIA to VIIIA subgroups except He are known as __________ block

Q.2 Concentrated nitric acid gives __________ when it reacts with tin.
Ammonium nitrite

Q.3 Sulphuric acid is used to manufacture
HCl and 2COOH.

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Q.4 Alkanes containing __________ carbon atoms are waxy solids.
18 or more

Q.5 Which of the following is used to make chloral hydrate?

Q.6 Ten moles of hydrogen are allowed to react with 6 moles of oxygen. How much water will be
obtained from reaction on complete consumption of one gas?
10 moles

Q.7 The highest temperature a substance can exist as __________ is called its critical temperature.

Q.8 __________ hybridization leads to a regular tetrahedral structure.

Q.9 Osmotic pressure of a solution is __________ property.
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Q.10 Magnesium reacts with hydrogen at high pressure in the presence of catalyst __________
forming magnesium hydride.

Q.911 Which element has the largest number of allotropic forms?

Q.912 With increase in number of unpaired electrons, paramagnetism:

Q.913 Which metal is commonly used to remove air bubbles from molten metals?

Q.14 Which of the following bonds has minimum bond energy?
C – I

Q.15 Al2O3(SiO2).2H2O is called

Q.16 CaO forms fertilize slag by reacting with

Q.17 __________ is colorless volatile liquid at room temperature.

Q.18 Hydrogen passed through phenol at 150 ºC in the presence of __________ catalyst gives

Q.19 Ethanol-water is __________ mixture.


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