KPPSC Lecturer Solved MCQS of Chemistry

KPPSC Lecturer Solved MCQS of Chemistry

Q.1 Which type of bonding is present in NH4Cl?
Coordinate covalent.

Q.2 When CuSO4 is electrolyzed in aqueous solution using copper electrodes, then the substance
which deposits at the cathode is:
Copper metal

Q.3 Aldehydes can be synthesized by the oxidation of
Primary alcohols

Q.4 The products of the fermentation of a sugar are ethanol and
Carbon dioxide

Q.5 __________ serve as carriers of heredity from one generation to the other.

Q.6 __________ extraction is controlled by partition law.

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Q.7 The process of effusion is best understood by __________ law.

Q.8 __________ has dipole moment.
CO. C)

Q.9 __________ is used as catalyst in Haber’s process for NH3 gas manufacture.

Q.10 In many of its properties __________ is quite different from the other alkali metals.

Q.11 Which elements forms long chains alternating with oxygen?
Carbon, Nitrogen, Silicon.

Q.12 The percentage of carbon in medium carbon steel is

Q.13 Name the rare halogen among the following.

Q.14 Which bond will break when electrophile attacks an alcohol?
O – H.

Q.15 The extent of un-saturation in a fat is expressed as its
Iodine number

Q.16 The process of filtration is used to separate __________ particles from liquids.

Q.17 London forces are very significant in __________

Q.18 Which of the following formation is endothermic reaction?
N2(g) + O2(g) N2O2(g)

Q.19 Name the partially miscible liquids from the following?

Q.20 AlI3 (Aluminium Iodide) is electrically a __________