PPSC Important Solved MCQs for Preparation of Lecturer Health and Physical Education Test

PPSC Important Solved MCQs for Preparation of Lecturer Health and Physical Education Test

1 2004 Olympic games held in __________ Greek

2 Athletics are also called the base of _____________ Olympic Games

3 Duration of Sarkal Kabadi match ___________ 40 min

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4 First President of Pakistan Golf Federation ______________ Justice A R Karnees

5 For winning the game lead is required __________ 2

6 Height of Nanga Parbat ___________ 8125 m

7 How many lanes on track ____________ 8

8 How many substitute players in Valley Ball team __________ 6

9 How many umpires in Base Ball __________ 4

10 In 100 m women hurdles competition distance between hurdles _____________ 8.5 m

11 In 110 meter men hurdle race the height of hurdles ___________ 1.067 m

12 In 2006 Asian Games how many countries participated in Kabadi ____________ 12

13 In which year Pakistan won ODI world cup __________ 1992

14 Judo is introduced in Olympic game__________ 1964

15 Old name of Pakistan Golf Federation ____________ Pakistan Golf Union

16 The game of Chess started from ___________ 3000 BC

17 The stick which is used to hit the ball in Golf is called _________ Club

18 Total height of K-2 ____________ 8516 m

19 Total number of player in Cricket team __________ 11

20 Total Number of players in Beach Valley Ball Game ____________ 2

21 Total weight of Table Tennis Ball ______________ 2.7

22 Weight of Valley Ball ball is________ 9 to 10 ounce

23 What is the lowest score in in ODI cricket record __________ 43 runs

24 When Asian Kabadi Federation is established ____________ 1978

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25 When Base Ball started in Pakistan _________ 1992

26 When first Asian Kabadi Championship held ________ 1980

27 When first FIFA World Cup held __________ 1930

28 When first time Basketball introduce in Olympic Games __________ 1940

29 When International Polo Federation was established ________ 1983

30 When Pakistan first time participate in Davis Cup ____________ 1948

31 Which Country first of all introduce Chess __________ Hindustan

32 Which device used to measure the wind velocity __________ The wind gauge

33 Which is the biggest race in Olympic games ______________ Marathon Race

34 Which is the highest mountain in Pakistan ___________ K-2

35 Which player won more titles of Tour de France _________ France

36 Which team won First FIFA world Cup ____________ Uruguay

37 Which team won the world cup 2007 _________ Australia

38 Width of Valley Ball courts lines __________ 5 cm

39 ___________Tendon located in the posterior side of the lower leg. Achilles

40 ___________The main mass of nervous tissue, typing between sensory receptors, which acts as an integrating centre. Central nervous system

41 ___________The term used to describe an aggregation of body cells with specialized structure and function. Tissue

42 _________is psychological study of moral principles? Axiology

43 _______Is the residual fluid of blood left after removal of the cellular elements. Plasma

44 _______Is the science, which deals with the description of the structure of cells, tissues, organs and organisms. Anatomy

45 ‘Pele’ is related to which game? Swimming

46 ‘Stimulus Response Theory’ was given by? E. L. Thorndike

47 18.29 M Triple jump record is of Jonathan Adword

48 2008 Olympic games held in which country __________ China

49 2011 world cup held in which country _________ All of these

50 2nd name of athletics is _______________ Track and Field Exercises

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