CSS Suggested Books for Chemistry Botany Zoology



  Title Author
1 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3rd Ed. Cotton, F.A. and Wilkinson Groffrey
2 Inorganic Chemistry, 3rd Ed. 1983 Hukeavy, James E.
3 Physical Chemistry 3rd Ed. Barrow, Gardon M.
4 Physical Chemistry 5th Ed. Moore, Walter J.
5 University Chemistry Mahan, B.H.
6 Introduction to Organic Chemistry 2nd Ed. Streitwieser, A. Jr.
7 Mechanism & Structure in Organic Chemistry Gould, Edwards
8 Organic Chemistry 2nd Ed. Morrison, Robert Thornton & Boyd R.N.



Title Author
1 An Introduction to Plant Diseases Wheeler, B.E.J.
An Introduction to Plant Anatomy Eames, A.G. & Mc. Daniels, L.H.
An Introduction to Embryology of Angiosperms Maheshveri
Plant Taxonomy and Biosystematics Clive, A. Stace
The Biology of the Algae (2/e) Round, F.E.
The Structure and Life of Bryophytes Watson, E.V.
The Morphology of Pteridophytes Sporne, K.R.
The Morphology of Gymnosperms Sporne, K.R.
Cytology Wilson, G.B. & Morrison J.H.
Diagnosis & Improvement of Saline & Alkali Soils Richards, L.A. (ed)
Plant Physiology (2/e) Frank, B. Salisbury & Cleon W. Ross
Plant & the Ecosystem Billings, W.D.
Principles of Genetics Gardner, E.J.
Morphology of Plants Bold, Harold, C.
Introduction to Fungi Webster, J.
Plant growth and development Leopold, A.C. & Kriedmann, P.E
Terrestrial Plant Ecology Barbour, M.G. & Bark, J.H. Titts, W.D.



  Title Author
1 A Text Book of Zoology (Invertibrate) Parker and Haswell
2 Comprative Anatomy of the vertebates George C.kent
3 Invertebrate Zoology Hegner and Engemann
4 Cell structure and Functuion(Eighth) Loewy and siekevitz
5 Cell and Molecular Biolohgy(Eighth Edition) De-Robbertis.E.O.D.& De-Robertis.EMF.
6 Fundamentlas of Ecology Odum
7 Principles of Genetics Strickberger
8 Introduction to  Evolution Moody
9 Modern Genetics Ayala.F.J.and kiger.J.A.Jr.
10 Text Book of Medical Physiology Guyot.W.B
11 Moleculr Biology of Gene Watson.J.D.


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