PMS Syllabus for the Subject of Persian Papers




Total Marks: 100

A. History of Persian Language – 10 Marks

a. Avesta
b. Old Persian
c. Pahalwi
d. Dari
e. Modern Persian

B. Persian and Pakistan – 10 Marks

a. Persian’s Influence on Urdu
b. Persian’s Importance for Pakistan
c. Persian’s Impact on Culture and Civilization of the sub-continent

C. History of Persian Literature in Iran – 20 Marks

a. Samanids
b. Ghaznavids
c. Saljuques
d. Mangols
e. Taimurids
f. Qajars
g. Safvids

D. History of Persian Literature in the Sub-continent – 10 Marks

a. Ghaznvids
b. Sultanates
c. Mughuls

E. Special Study of Iranian Poets and Prose Writers – 15 Marks

a. Poets:

  • Firdousi
  • Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
  • Saadi Shirazi
  • Hafiz Shirazi
  • Parveen Ietesami

b. Prose Writers:

  • Attar Nishaburi (Tazkart-ul-Aoulia)
  • Saadi Shirazi (Gulistan)
  • Sadiq Hidayat (As a modern short story writer)

F. Special Study of the sub-continent’s Persian poets and Prose writers – 15 Marks

a. Poets:

  • Masood Saad Salman
  • Amir Khursrou
  • Asad Ullah Khan Ghalib
  • Allama Iqbal

b. Prose Writers:

  • Muhammad Aoufi (Jawam-e-ul-Hikayat)
  • Hassan Sajzi (Faiwaid-ul-Fawad)

G. Short question and answers from all the course of the “A” paper – 20 Marks

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