PMS Syllabus for the Subject of Mass Communication Papers

Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore Combined Competitive Examination PMS Mass Communication/ Journalism Syllabus Updated on 23-03-2022

Paper – I
Media: Functions,Contents andHistory  T otal Marks: 100
1.  News:Definition,Structure, Language, Reporting and Sub-Editing
2.  Feature,   Column   and   Editorial:   Difference   of   objectives,   structure,   style   and
3.  Organizational Structures of national newspapers and news agencies
4.  Ethics of Journalism and Freedom of the Press
5.  Press Laws in Pakistan and Government Media Relationship
6.  Role ofSir Syed Ahmed Khan, Maulana Zafar  Ali Khan,Muhammad Ali Johar ,
HasratMohani and Hameed Nizami in Urdu Press of the Sub-Continent
7.  Role ofRadio, T elevision, print media and internetin Pakistan
8.  Social and Developmental Responsibilities of Pakistani Media
9.  Importance of Radio TVDocumentaryand Live Programmes
10.  Difference between the newsof print media and electronic media
Communication, Advertisingand Public Relations  T otal Marks: 100
I.  Process   of   Communication:   source-message-channel-   Receiver-Noise   and
2.  Barriers to Communication
3.  Principles of Effective Communication
4.  DevelopmentCommunication and Development Journalism
5.  Difference between Mass Communication, Development Communication,
DevelopmentJournalism and Development Support Communication
6.  Two step flowofcommunication and Opinion Leaders
7.  Public Relations: Definition and Scope- T ools of Public Relations- Public
Relations in Pakistan- Difference between PR, Propaganda. Advertising and
Publicity .
8.  Advertising: Definition-Meritsand Demerits- Advertising business in Pakistan-Departments of an  Advertising Agency .
9.  Importance of research in Advertising and Public Relations
10.  Advertising as the lifeblood of media

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