PMC-MDCAT Entry Test Sample Papers 2021

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Q.1 Each molecule of hemoglobin is made up of nearly:
10000 atoms

Q.2 A limiting reactant is the one which:
Is consumed earlier and controls the amount of product formed in a chemical reaction

Q.3 During isotopic analysis, the pressure of the vapors of the ions maintained in the ionization chamber of mass spectrometer is:
Around 10-7 torr

Q.4 The acid which can be purified by the sublimation is:
Benzoic Acid

Q.5 Paper chromatography is used for:
Qualitative Analysis

Q.6 In the process of respiration there is application of:
Dalton’s Law

Q.7 Which compound is the most reactive one?

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Q.8 Grignard reagents are prepared by the reaction of magnesium metal with alkyl halides in the presence of:
Dry Ether

Q.9 When n-butyl magnesium iodide is treated with water, the product is:

Q.10 Phenol reacts with concentrated H2SO4 to give:
ortho and para hydroxy benzene sulphonic acid

Q.11 Phenol can be distinguished from alcohol by adding:

Q.12 In the conversion of ethylene into acetaldehyde, cupric chloride acts as:

Q.13 When acetone is heated in the presence of K2Cr2O7/H2SO4, the products formed are;
Acetic Acid and Formic Acid

Q.14 Which acid is used in the manufacture of plastics?
Carbonic Acid

Q.15 Potassium fertilizers are especially useful for:
A) Mango C) Wheat B) Tobacco D) Rice

Q.16 The yellowish colour of photochemical smog is due to the presence of:
Dinitrogen trioxide

Q.17 The incarnation process can reduce the volume of the water by:
One half

Q.18 __________% of the known universe is in the plasma state.

Q.19 Electron gas theory was proposed to explain the bonding in ____________ solids:

Q.20 In proteins, there are on the average _________ amino acid units for each turn in helix:

Q.21 In atomic particles:
Charge of proton is almost equal to charge of electron

Q.22 The extent of bonding of a light ray after passing through prism depends upon:
Wavelength of photons

Q.23 Splitting of spectral lines in closely spaced lines in presence of magnetic field is called:
Zeeman Effect

Q.23 A bond is not formed:
When repulsive forces dominate attraction forces

Q.24 If the electronegativity difference between bonded atoms is zero, the bond between the two atoms is:

Q.25 VSEPR theory helps in explaining:
Shape of molecule

Q.26 The heat of hydration decreases with the increase in:
Size of atomic radii

Q.27 Stronger the oxidizing agent, greater is the:
Reduction Potential

Q.28 The emf produced by Galvanic Cell is known as:
Cell Potential

Q.29 In nickel-cadmium battery, the cathode is composed of:

Q.30 Concentrated sugar solution undergoes hydrolysis into glucose and fructose by enzyme called:
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