60 Important Solved MCQS of Chemistry for PMC MDCAT Entry Test Exam

60 Important Solved MCQS of Chemistry for PMC MDCAT Entry Test Exam

Q.1 In an electrochemical series, standard electrode potentials are arranged on the basis of:
Hydrogen Scale

Q.2 The reaction which is responsible for the production of electricity in the Voltaic cell is:
Redox reaction

Q.3 Glucose is converted into ethanol by the enzyme _______ present in yeast:

Q.4 The rate of reaction involving ions can be studied by __________ method
Electrical conductivity

Q.5 When one mole of gaseous hydrogen ions are dissolved in water to form an infinitely dilute solution, the amount of heat liberated is
-1075 kJmol-1

Q.6 Energy required to remove an electron from the outermost shell of its isolated gaseous atom in the ground state is
Ionization energy

Q.7 Which of the following carbonates of alkali metals is not stable towards heat and is decomposed on heating to its oxide along with liberation of CO2?

Q.8 The presence of calcium is essential for the normal development of plants. An adequate supply of calcium appears to stimulate the development of which part of the plants?
Root hairs

Q.9 Which of the following sulphates is not soluble in water?
Barium Sulphate

Q.10 The trend in the densities of elements of Group III-A of the Periodic Table is
A gradual increase

Q.11 White lead has one of the following properties

Q.12 The strongest acid among the following is

Q.13 The noble gas which is used in radiotherapy of cancer is

Q.14 Paramagnetic behavior of an atom, ion or molecule is due to presence of
Unpaired electrons

Q.15 The geometry of the complexes depends upon the type of ________ taking place in the valence shell of the central metal atom

Q.16 KMnO4 acts as a
Oxidizing agent

Q.17 A gasoline of higher octane number can be obtained by
Catalytic cracking

Q.18 Ethyne molecule is formed when two carbon atoms joined together to form a sigma bond by
sp-sp overlap

Q.19 Symmetrical alkanes can be produced by
Kolbe’s Electrolytic Reaction

Q.20 The catalyst used for the preparation of acrylonitrile is
Cu2Cl2 and NH4Cl

Q.21 When a hydrogen atom is removed from benzene, the group left behind is called
Phenyl group

Q.22 The introduction of NO2 group in benzene ring is called ‘Nitration’. The nitration of benzene takes place when it is heated with a 1:1 mixture of _________ at 50 oC-55 oC.
Conc. HNO3 and conc. H2SO4

Q.23 During SN2 reactions, configuration of the alkyl halide molecule:
Gets inverted

Q.24 Grignard reagents are prepared by the reaction of magnesium metal with alkyl halides in the presence of
Dry Ether

Q.25 Methanol is prepared from carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The catalyst used for this reaction is
Cr2O3 + ZnO

Q.26 Ethanol reacts with Ammonia to produce ethyl amine, the catalyst is

Q.27 Dissociation constant of phenol is
1.3 x 10-10

Q.28 Dry distillation of a mixture of calcium salts of formic acid and acetic acid results into the formation of

Q.29 Hydrolysis of cyano group by an aqueous acid results into

Q.30 Brick red precipitates are formed when aldehydes react with
Fehling’s solution

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