ETEA AT CT PST TT Qari Syllabus MCQS Past Papers pdf

ETEA AT CT PST TT Qari Syllabus MCQS Past Papers pdf KPK Education Department AT (BPS-15) English = 15% Urdu = 15% Mathematics = ...
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Physics Solved MCQS for Lecturer KPPSC Test PDF Book Download

Physics Solved MCQS for Lecturer KPPSC Test PDF Book Download,kppsc physics lecturer past papers pdf download,kppsc physics lecturer past papers

Q.1 At high temperature, the proportion of __________ wavelength radiation increase.
AM radio, Shorter

Q.2 In photoelectric effect removal of photons is observed at _________ energies.
Low, Intermediate

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Q.3 Which device is the most efficient?
Nuclear reactor

Q.4 The units of E in E=mc2 are
kg m2 s-2

Q.5 Work done on a body equals change in its __________ energy.
Total, Kinetic, Potential

Q.6 A pipe varies uniformly in diameter from 2 m to 4 m. An incompressible fluid enters the pipe with velocity 16m/sec. What is velocity of fluid when it leaves the pipe?
4 m/sec

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Q.7 Transverse waves cannot be setup in __________

Q.8 The ratio of the __________ is called magnification.
Image size to object size

Q.9 Which of the following has the highest resistivity?

Q.10 An n-type semi-conductor is made by doping silicon crystal with __________

Q.11 Objects cannot be accelerated to the speed of light in free space is consequence of
Mass variation, Inertia forces, Energy-mass relationship

Q.12 A certain radioactive mass decays from 64 gm to 2 gm in 20 days. What is its half-life?
4 days

Q.13 If inductance is denoted by L and resistance by R, which of the following is true for a choke?
R is very small, L is large

Q.14 A force 2i + j has moved its point of application from (2,3) to (6,5). What is work done?

Q.15 The escape velocity corresponds to __________ energy gained by body, which carries it to an infinite distance from the surface of earth.
Initial kinetic

Q.16 The drag force decreases as the speed of an object moving through fluid __________

Q.17 Light year is a measure of

Q.18 A yellow light of wavelength 500 mm emitted by a single source passes through two narrow slits 1 mm apart. How far apart are two adjacent bright fringes when interference is observed on a screen 10 m away?
5 mm

Q.19 The heat produced by a current I in the wire of resistance R during time interval t is

Q.20 Which of the following is the most ductile?


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PPSC Lecturer Syllabus MCQS Past Papers Online Preparation

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