PPSC Lecturer Physics MCQs Sample Past Papers

PPSC Lecturer Physics MCQs Sample Past Papers

Q.1 When a helium atom loses an electron, it becomes:
A positive helium ion

Q.2 Beta ray emitted by a radioactive substance is:

An electron which was existing inside the nucleus

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Q.3 An electric charge in uniform motion produces:
Both magnetic and electric fields

Q.4 What is emitted by a hot metal filament in a cathode ray tube?


Q.5 If the mass of the bob of a pendulum is doubled its time period is:


Q.6 The centre of Newton rings is dark due to:
Destructive interference

Q.7 Which one is most stable element on the basis of binding energy?

Q.8 Resistance in RC circuit of time constant 2 seconds is 1000 Ohms. What is value of C in the circuit?
200 μ farad

Q.9 The Lenz’s law refers to induced __________


Q.10 In which of the following, output is similar to NAND gate if input A=0 and input B=1.

Q.11 For atomic hydrogen spectrum, which of the following series lies in visible region of electromagnetic spectrum?
Balmer series

Q.12 __________ are the particles that experience strong nuclear force.

Q.13 The vertical velocity of ball thrown upward __________ with time.

Q.14 The force required to bend the normally straight path of a particle into a circular path is called __________ force.

Q.15 A disc at rest without slipping, rolls down a hill of height (3 x 9.8) m. What is its speed in m/sec when it reaches at the bottom?

Q.16 Tuning of the radio is the best example of electrical __________

Q.17 A standing wave pattern is formed when the length of string is an integral multiple of __________ wavelength.

Q.18 Which of the following lights travels the fastest in optical fibres?
Invisible infra-red

Q.19 The algebraic sum of potential changes in a closed circuit is zero is Kirchhoff’s __________ rule.

Q.20 In LED when an electron combines with a __________ during forward bias conduction, a photon of visible light is emitted.

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