MCQS of General Knowledge

MCQS of General Knowledge

1. Who invented the safety pin?
Ans. Walter Hunt

2. Who was the founder of Mughal Dynasty?
Ans. Babar

3. Silicone Valley is in?
Ans. California USA

4. How many member states in ECO?
Ans. 10

5. When Israel admitted to UNO?
Ans. 1949

6. A place where birds are kept is called?
Ans. Aviary

7. The French revolution began in the year?
Ans. 1789

8. Which is the currency of Haiti?
Ans. Gourde

9. Highest Military award of Iraq is?
Order of all Rafidhain

10. The cape of good hope located in?
Ans. South Africa

11. Proteas is called cricket team of?
Ans. South Africa

12. Largest country is Africa is?
Ans. Algeria

13. Cuba is present in ocean?
Ans. Atlantic

14. Smallest ocean is?
Ans. Arctic

15. Tripoli is capital of?
Ans. Libya