KPK Police Constable Past Papers pdf download

KPK Police Constable Past Papers pdf download and kpk police constable test preparation

Test Syllabus and Pattern

War of Independence was fought in 1857

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan founded Scientific Society in 1863

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Sir Syed wrote ‘Khutbat-Ahmadiya’ in reply to William Muir’s ‘Life of Muhammad’ in 1869

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan founded M.A.O High School at Aligarh in 1875

A. O Hume founded Indian National Congress in 1885

Partition of Bengal was taken in 1905

Simla Deputation in 1906

All- India Muslim League founded at Dacca in 1906

Minto-Morley Reforms in 1909

Annulment of Partition of Bengal in 1911

Quaid-i-Azam joined Muslim League in 1913

Lucknow Pact 1916

Rowlat Act 1919

Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy 1919

Khilafat Movement 1919-23

Kamal Atta Turk Abolished Khilafat 1924

Nehru Report in 1928

Jinnah’s Fourteen Points in 1929

Iqbal’s gave Allahabad Address in 1930

Round Table Conference held in London in 1930-32

Pamphlet Now or Never by Chodhary Rehmat Ali issued in 1933

The Governoment of India Act 1935 passed in 1935

The General Elections 1937

Congress Ministries formed in 1937-39

Day of Deliverance 1939

Lahore Resolution passed in 1940

Cripps Mission came in 1942

Gandhi-Jinnah Talks held in 1944

1945 Wavell Plan

1945 Simla Conference

1945-46 Elections to Central and Provincial legislatures

1946 Cabinet Mission appointed by Prime Minister Attlee

1946 Muslim League joined interim government

1947 3rd June Plan

1947 19 July 1947 All Jammu And Kashmir Muslim Conference passed Resolution in Favour of Pakistan

1947 14 August – Independence of Pakistan

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