Important Fill in the Blanks MCQs of General Science

General Science Multiple Choice Questions Answers

Important Fill in the Blanks MCQs of General Science


(1) Starch is a polymer of glucose.

(2) A big astronomical observatory known as the Royal Greenwich, London was established during the reign of Caliph Mamoon.

(3) Adrenalin is secreted by the Adrenal gland.

(4) Mars planet is nearest to the earth.

(5) CFC is the abbreviation of Chlorofluorocarbon.

(6) The process of conversion of a material from solid state directly to gaseous state is called sublimation.

(7) A junction diode is formed by PWP semiconductor pieces whereas junction transistor is a sandwich made up of PNP transistor.

(8) Active transport in animals and plants required metabolic energy and concentration gradient to carry the substances across cell membranes electrical gradient.

(9) Diseases that spread through air are called air born disease.

(10) Large trees give off aerial roots for the support of their heavy spreading branches.

(11) When iron is less in body the quantity of hemoglobin in cell decreases.

(12) Arteries become hard due to deposition of fats in them.

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