Online General Knowledge MCQS Test Preparation for Practice

Online General Knowledge MCQS Test Preparation for Practice

1.The deepest place in the Indian Ocean is:

(a) Mariana Trench

(b) Puerto Rico Trench

(c) Sunda Trench

(d) Isle Trench.

2.The highest waterfall of the world is:-

(a) Victoria

(b) Tugela

(c) Angel

(d) Niagara.

3.Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the:

(a) Strait of Gibraltar

(b) Bering strait

(c) Davis strait

(d) Dover strait

4.Caribbean Sea is linked with the Pacific Ocean by the:

(a) Suez Canal

(b) Panama Canal

(c) Sunda Strait

(d) None of the above one

5.‘Sea of Japan’ is famous for :

(a) Oil Reserves

(b) Mineral Water

(c) Fishing Area

(d) Icebergs in water

6.‘Red sea’ is between :

(a) Arabia and Africa

(b) Turkey and Russia

(c) China and Japan

(d) Germany and Scandinavia

7.Alexandria is a seaport of :

(a) Greece

(b) Egypt

(c) Iran

(d) Germany

8.Which of the following ‘Desert’ is the largest in area?

(a) The Sahara

(b) Gobi

(c) Takla Makan

(d) Thar

9.The famous “ Dost-i-Lut” desert is located in :

(a) Iran

(b) China

(c) South Africa

(d) Egypt

10.“Nanga Parbat” is the famous mountain Peak of:

(a) Karakoram range(b) Himalayas range(c) HinduKush range(d) Sulaiman range

11.“Kasr-i-Mantra” is an official residence of:

(a) King of Saudi Arabia

(b) Amir-Kuwait

(c) Iranian President

(d) None of the above

12.Which of the following Country is a ‘Peninsula?

(a) Brazil

(b) Japan

(c) Greenland

(d) Saudi Arabia

13.Which of the following Country is largest by population?

(a) Russia

(b) Indonesia

(c) China

(d) India

14.Which part of the world is called “City of Angles”?

(a) Bangkok

(b) Stockholm

(c) New York

(d) Rome

15.Which part of the world is called “Cockpit of Europe”?

(a) Belgium

(b) Ireland

(c) Netherlands

(d) Greenland

16.The world’s largest fish catching country is:

(a) Russia

(b) China

(c) Japan

(d) Australia

17.The world’s longest railroad tunnel ‘Seikan’ is located in:

(a) England

(b) Japan

(c) Switzerland

(d) Russia.

18.Which Country is called “Land of Milk and Honey”?

(a) Lebanon

(b) Japan

(c) Canada

(d) Turkey

19.Which part of the world is called: “Playgroud of Europe”?

(a) Norway

(b) Germany

(c) Switzerland

(d) Poland

20.Which Part of the world is called “Land of Midnight Sun”?

(a) Thailand

(b) Finland

(c) Norway

(d) Japan

21.The distance of a place South or North of Equator is called :

(a) Altitude

(b) Longitude

(c) Latitude

(d) Multitude

22.Which part of the world is called “The Land of free people”?

(a) Switzerland

(b) Thailand

(c) West-Indies

(d) U.K

23.The world’s famous bridge “Golden gate” is located in:

(a) New York

(b) Sydney

(c) Mexico city

(d) San Francisco

24.“Skhalin Islands” enriched with oil reserves are claimed by:

(a) China and Russia

(b) US and Japan

(c) Russia and Japan

(d) USA and Russia

25.“Pristina is the Capital of:

(a) Chechnya

(b) East Timor

(c) Bosnia

(d) Kossovo


1 c 6 a 11 a 16 b 21 c
2 c 7 b 12 d 17 b 22 b
3 a 8 a 13 c 18 a 23 d
4 b 9 a 14 a 19 c 24 c
5 c 10 b 15 a 20 c 25 d


Solved General Knowledge Current Affairs MCQs for Preparation of PPSC FPSC NTS ETEA Written Tests

Solved General Knowledge Current Affairs MCQs for Preparation of PPSC FPSC NTS ETEA Written Tests

1. International climate day is observed on 6th June

2. Which team won women Asia Cup? Bangladesh

3. Who is the first Pakistani female rocket engineer at NASA? Hibah Rahmani

4. SCO Meeting 2018 was held in Sheen Dong

5. Veteran Sindhi nationalist Rasool Bux Palejo passed away on 6th Jue 2018

9. FATA Merger bill was presented in ….. Session of Parliament? 56th

10. 31st Amendment Bill related to FATA was approved by National Assembly on? 24th May 2018

11. Senate approved FATA merger bill on 25th May 2018.

14. Which is the biggest Agency of Fata? South Waziristan

15. Mike Pence is US Vice President

16. Name the first Sikh from Sindh, who submitted his nomination for MPA? Ramesh Singh Khalsa

20. 18th SCO Summit was held in Qingdao, China

22. Veteran Kashmiri journalist Shujaat Bukhari shot dead in Srinagar on 13th June 2018

24. 18th Asian Games will be held in Jakarata from? August 18 to September 2

26. Pakistani Taliban leader Mullah Fazlullah was killed on 14th June 2018

28. Driving ban for Saudi Women ended on 23-24 June 2018

39. Presidential Election in Turkey was held on 24 Jan 2018.

42. Which cricket team recently scored the highest ODI runs of 481? England

43. Winner of Amateur Gold World Cup held in Mauritius on June 16 2018? Japan

44. Football star Cristiano Ronaldo represents which team? Portugal

46. 18th Asian Games will be held in Jakarata

47. World water Day is celebrated on 22 March

50. Indian doctors removed world’s largest brain tumor, its weight was 1.8 kg

51. International climate day is observed on 6th June

52. Which country introduced death penality for child rapist? India

53. How many pessangers were dead in Algeria military plane crash? 257

54. Cortes is the name of Parliament

55. Ritzua news agency belongs to which country? Denmark

59. When Senate approved KP-FATA Merger Bill? 25 May 2018.

60. Mother Terresa won Noble Peace Prize in 1979

61. The charter of UNO consists of 111 articles

62. Working languages in the UNO are? 2

63. 2000 Olympics were held in Sydney

64. Which country hosted the 2016 Olympics? Brazil

65. Usain Bolt belongs to Jamaica

65. Which sport added to the Olympics in 2016? Golf

66. 2008 Olympics were held in china

67. Father of modern Olympics is Pierre de Coubertin

68. 2014 Olympics were held in Russia

69. The term Double fault is associated with? Tennis

70. Kick off, Corner Kick, throw in, free kich heading and dribble are terms associated with? Football

71. Stanley cup, Turner cup and Calder cup are associated with? Ice hockey

72. Davis cup, fed cup and Hopman cup are associated with Tennis

73. Lionel Messi is footballer of? Argentina

74. 18th Asian games will be held in? 2019

75. First PSL started on? 4th Feb 2016

76. Champion of Men’s singles of french open 2017? Rafael Nidal(spainn)

77. Who is the champion of Men’s singles of Australian open 2018? Roger federer(switzerland)

78. 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Japan

79. World’s Radio Day observed on 13th February

Important Fill in the Blanks MCQs of General Science

Important Fill in the Blanks MCQs of General Science

(1) Starch is a polymer of glucose.

(2) A big astronomical observatory known as the Royal Greenwich, London was established during the reign of Caliph Mamoon.

(3) Adrenalin is secreted by the Adrenal gland.

(4) Mars planet is nearest to the earth.

(5) CFC is the abbreviation of Chlorofluorocarbon.

(6) The process of conversion of a material from solid state directly to gaseous state is called sublimation.

(7) A junction diode is formed by PWP semiconductor pieces whereas junction transistor is a sandwich made up of PNP transistor.

(8) Active transport in animals and plants required metabolic energy and concentration gradient to carry the substances across cell membranes electrical gradient.

(9) Diseases that spread through air are called air born disease.

(10) Large trees give off aerial roots for the support of their heavy spreading branches.

(11) When iron is less in body the quantity of hemoglobin in cell decreases.

(12) Arteries become hard due to deposition of fats in them.