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(1) In Napolean took the step of becoming Emperor of the French.
(a) 1794 (b) 1801
(c) 1804 (d) None of these
(2) In 1806 Holy Empire was dissolved by
(a) Voltaire (b)Mirabean
(c) Napolean (d)None of these
(3) Napolean was born in
(a) St. Helena (b) Paris
(d) Crosica (d) None of these
(4) On 21 septemper,1792 France becme a
(a) Monarchy (b) Republic
(c) Serfdom (d) None of these
(5) By the treat of Pressburg Austria gave Venice and Tyrol to
(a) Prussia (b) Russia
(c) Hungry (d) None of these
(6) Mirabeau was a politician:
(a) Extremist (b) moderate
(c) radical (d) None of these
(7) In 1833 congress of was held:
(a) Aix La Chapple (b) Verona
(c) Laibech (d) None of these
(8) Triple Alliance was signed in :
(a)1872 (b) 1882
(c) 1892 (d) None of these
(9) Treaty of was signed in 1878:
(a)Berlin (b) Budapest
(c) San Stefano (d) None of these
(10) Foundation of the republic were laid in 1870:
(a) Second (b) Third
(c) Fourth (d) None of these
(11) By the Treaty of Unkiar Skelessi the Dardanelles was closed to the warships of all nation expect :
(a) Turkey (b) Russia
(c) French (d) None of these
(12) In Qudruple Alliance was signed:
(a) 1850 (b) 1860
(c) 1870 (d) None of these
(13) in 1870-1871 war was fought:
(a) Franco-Turkish (b) Franco-Russian
(c) Franco-prussian (d) None of these
(14) Third Coalition of was smashed by Napolean
(a) 1805 (b) 1806
(c) 1807 (d) None of these
(15) Jacobins were also known as :
(a) Red Shirts (b)Hard Nuts
(d) White Bulls (d) None of these
(16) Meternich was a leader:
(a) Modren (b) Enlightened
(d) Conservative (d) Liberal
(17) Magyars wanted to emerge as a separate nation:
(a) Bulgaria (b) Austria
(c) Hungry (d) None of these
(18) Louis Philips became of France in December 1852:
(a) President (b) First Counsel
(c) King (d) None of these
(19) Unoin of South Africa was established in :
(a) 1910 (b) 1909
(c) 1908 (d) None of these
(20) General Gordon was killed in :
(a) Cairo (b) Um Daxman
(c) Khartoum (d) None of these

(1) Britis army surrendered to the Turks at Kut-e-Amara in .
(a) 1918 (b) 1915
(c) 1916 (d) None of these
(2) In 1917 entered the First World War:
(a) USA (b) UK
(c) Italy (d) None of these
(3) Sultan of Turkey Abdul Hameed was succeeded by his younger brother :
(a) Mahmet III (b) Muhammad V
(c) C.Mahmet II (d) None of these
(4) The balkhan League comprised :
(a) Greeks, Serbs, Albanians, Bulgers
(b) Serbs, Bulgers,Bosnians and Albanian
(c) Greeks ,Montenegrans and Bulgers
(d) None of these
(5) TCA stands for .
(6) G.A.T.T. stands for .
(7) was the leader of young Turks:
(a) Mustafa Kamal (b) Asmat Annono
(c) Enver Bay (d) None of these
(8) Operation Vittles pertained to :
(a) Sea movement (b) airlift
(c) land manouvere (d) None of these
(9) The Brussels Treaty was signed in March :
(a)1948 (b) 1956
(c) 1946 (d) None of these
(10) Benelux Group stands for .
(11) The Locarno Pact of 1925 was signed by Great Britian, France Germany Italy and :
(a) Switzerland (b) Denmark
(c) Belgium (d) None of these
(12) The Oung Plan came into existence in :
(a)1919 (b) 1929
(c) 1939 (d) None of these
(13) In 1938 Germany Annexed ;
(a)Austria (b) Hungry
(c) Piedmont (d) None of these
(14) By the Treaty of Rapallo Italy received ;
(a) Dalmatia (b) Vatican
(c) Both (a) and (b) (d) None of these
(15) Germany occupied Rhineland in :
(a) 1936 (b) 1935
(c) 1934 (d) None of these
(16) Italy declared war against Great Britian and France in v :
(a) 1941 (b) 1933
(c) 1939 (d) None of these
(17) Germany withdrew from the League of Nations in :
(a) 1935 (b) 1933
(c) 1931 (d) None of these
(18) Peace Trety of Neuilly was signed with :
(a) Bulgaria (b) Belgium
(c) Bosnia (d) None of these
(19) Battle of Cape Matapan was fought in ;
(a)1940 (b) 1941
(c) 1942 (d) None of these
(20) The Project of Baghdad Railways was conceived by ;
(a) France (b) Russia
(c) Germany (d) None of these