Download Unit-3 English 10th Class Questions with Answers Simple Notes

Download Unit-3 Try Again English 10th Class Questions with Answers Simple  and Easy Notes

Unit 3: Try Again

Solved Questions Answers from Lesson:

1. What does the word “persevere” mean?

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Answer: It means display courage and determination till success.

2. “If we strive, it is no disgrace”, explain this sentence?

Answer: It means that we should display determination and try try again to get success. It is not a matter of shame to work and work.

3. Why is the poet repeating the sentence ‘try again’?

Answer: The poet wants to tell us the importance of try again in life by repeating the sentence “try again”.

Solved Questions Answer from Text Book Exercise

1. What is the lesson taught in the first stanza?

Answer: The first stanza teaches us the lesson of courage, try again and determination.

2. What can we learn from failure?

Answer: We can learn courage, try again and determination from failure.

3. How is failure not a disgrace?

Answer: Because we learn rule of try again, courage and determination after failure.

4. How many times should we try and why?

Answer: We should keep on trying until we succeed.

5. What should we do if we find our task hard?

Answer: If we find our task hard, we should display courage and patience.

6. Give an example of struggle from your life?

Answer: Ali is my friend. He appeared in many competitive exams but failed. He kept on trying, Finally he succeeded. Read also: Summary of “Try Again” or Questions Unit-4

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