CSS Suggested Books for Physics Geology Geography


Title Author
1 Prospectives of Modern Physics A. Beiser
2 Fundamentals of Physics Halliday & Resnick
3 Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields and Waves D. Corson & P. Lorrain
4 Engineering Electronics J.D. Ryder
5 Semiconductor Electronics J.F. Gibbons
6 Physics Course Barkeley
7 Heat and Thermodynamics W. Zemanasky
8 Nuclear Physics W.E. Burcham
9 Nuclear Physics Kaplan



  Title Author
1 The Evolving Earth Sawkins & others
Physical Geology Skinner & Porter
Structural Geology Park
Geodynamics of Pakistan Farah & Dejong
Invertibrate Palaentology Moore, Laliker & Fisher
Stratigraphy and Sedimentation Krumbein & Sloss
Stratigraphy of Pakistan Ibrahim Shah
Mineralogy Berry & Manson
Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology Turner & Verhoogen
Sedimentary Rocks Pettjohn
Mineral Directory of Pakistan Zaki Ahmed
Industrial Rocks and Minerals Lefond
Geology of Petroleum Leverson
Energy Resources Brown & Skipsey
Engineering Geology Beavis
Groundwater Hydrology Todd
Geological Prospecting Kreiter
Techniques in Mineral Exploration Reedman


  Title Author
1 Physical Geography Lake, P.
Physical Geography Strahler, A.N.
An Introduction to Climate Trewartha, G.T.
An Introduction to Map work and Practical Bygott J.
Maps and Diagrams Monkhouse, F.J. & Wilkinson, H.R.
Human Geography Deblij, H.J.
Human Geography Bradford, M.G. & Kent, W.A.
Population Geography Jones, H.R.
Population Geography Clarke, J.I.
Economic Geography Pounds, N.
South Asia Jonson, B.L.C.
An Introduction to South Asia Farmer, B.H.
A Geography of Pakistan Kureshy, K.U.