Basic US History Questions

Basic US History Questions with Answers Mock Test and Pracice Test Online free. US History Questions in pdf download free. 1. FDR highest vote in which term? 2nd Term 2. Harvard was established in which year? 1636 3. How many states signed Declaration of Independence? 13 Colonies 4. Ronald Reagan said Evil Empire about which … Read more

AP US History Practice Exam

AP US History Practice Exam Questions and Answers Practice Test Solved General Knowledge and Solved Multiple Choice Questions. (1) James Town was founded in: (a) 1607 (b) 1609 (c) 1611 (2) Who wrote “The White House Years”? (a) Monica Lewinsky (b) Jacky Kennedy (c) Henry Kissinger (3) “I have a dream.” Who delivered this oration? … Read more

Ap US History Multiple Choice Questions

Ap US History Multiple Choice Questions Solved MCQs Questions for Preparation of United States History Bowl Quiz and Trivia. (1) Total articles in United States Constitution are: (a) XIII (b) XXIII (c) VXI (d) None of these (2) Atlantic Charter dates back to: (a) 1946 (b) 1941 (c) 1827 (3) Attack on Pearl Harbour took … Read more