American US History Quizzes

American US History Quizzes Questions and answers. Online Practice Mock Test National History Bee Quiz Questions Answers Competition 6th 7th 8th Grade.

(1) The total number of the British Colonies founded in Colonial America were:

Answer: Thirteen

(2) The “Sons of Liberty” was formed in:

Answer: 1765

(3) The Peace Treaty of American Independence in 1783 was signed in the city of:

Answer: Paris

(4) Which one of the following enjoys the title of “Father of American Constitution”:

Answer: Madison

(5) The first Ten Amendments to the Constitution of US ratified in 1791 are known as:

Answer: Bill of Rights

(6) The first Secretary of State of US was:

Answer: Jefferson

(7) The Great Depression of 1929 lasted for:

Answer: A decade

(8) The XYZ affairs took place between:

Answer: US-France

(9) Cornwallis surrendered to the American and French troops at:

Answer: Yorktown

(10) The battle of Bull Run was fought in:

Answer: The American Civil War

(11) Panama Canal was officially opened in the year:

Answer: 1914

(12) On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution gave voting right to:

Answer: Women

(13) NATO was established in the year:

Answer: 1949

(14) In 1900, the Open Door Policy was adopted with respect to:

Answer: China

(15) The book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was written by:

Answer: By Mr. Harriet Beecher Stowe

(16) The Truman Doctrine was mainly designed to extend economic assistance to:

Answer: Turkey-Greece

(17) The 26th Amendment in 1971 lowered the voting age to:

Answer: 18

(18) The term “Big Stick Diplomacy” is associated with President:

Answer: T. Roosevelt

(19) During the American Civil War, the President of Confederacy was:

Answer: Jefferson Davis

(20) Judges of the American Supreme Court are appointed by:

Answer: President