Famous Sports events and information

• Davis cup is for tennis.
• Thomas cup badminton is for men only.
• Uber cup is for badminton.
• Each team in volleyball consists of 6 players.
• Antoly Karpov, the world chess player belongs to Russia.
• Modern Olympic Games were first held in Athens.
• ICC has 10 members and it was founded in 1965.
• Lowest total in cricket is 36 by Canada.
• Tennis player steffi graf belongs to Germany.
• Natwest trophy is for cricket.
• The Swythiling cup is related to Table Tennis.
• Morocco cup is for cricket.
• First modern Olympic games were held in 1896 in Athens.
• First women competed in Olympic games in 1912.
• France and which country contested first ever world cup match Mexico
• The number of countries which participated in the first Olympic Games held at Athens was Nine
• Who owns The Oval cricket ground- Prince Charles
• Who among the following batsmen achieved the feat of hitting six 6s in one over for the first time in international cricket during the World Cup 2007 Herschelle Gibbs
• Where were the first winter Olympics held in 1924 -Charmonix France
• FINA is the governing body of what amateur sport-Swimming
• FITA are the governing body of what sport-Archery
• A Lady Paramount judges at what sport- Archery
• First cricket cup was played in England in 1974.
• First Asian Games were held in New Delhi in 1951. From 1954 they were held every four years.
• Baron Pierre de Coubertin was founder of the modern Olympic Games.
• Bunting is a term in the game of Baseball.
• Grand Master is a term in Chess.
• Grand Slam is a term in sports associated with Bridge as well as Lawn Tennis.
• Martina Hinges is the youngest woman tennis player to win three major singles titles in one season.
• Iron- a sports term is associated with Golf.
• McDowell Cup is associated with football.
• Olympic Games were held twice in Paris and London.
• Paralympics are the games for disabled.
• Uber cup is associated with Badminton.
• Yankee Stadium is associated with Boxing.
• World’s oldest sports daily is Gazetta dello Sport of Italy.
• Val Barker Cup is awarded in the Olympic Games in Boxing.
• The Paralympics Games 2008 were held in Beijing.
• Asafa Powell is 100 m sprinter.
• The term “Stalemate” is related to the game of Chess.
• With which sport is the term ‘butterfly’ associated? Swimming
• Next Football world Cup in 2010 is in…..South Africa
• How many rings on the Olympic flag: Five
• Who ran the first marathon: Phidipedes
• What colour is the cap given to an England cricket player-Blue
• What held up a Cricket test Match between England Pakistan-Mouse on pitch
• What is the first race in the Grand Prix season-Brazilian
• By Olympic rules what must have 14 feathers Badminton Bird
• How is the Olympic torch lit- By the sun in Greece
• Martina Navratilova belongs to Czech Republic.
• Tour De France is French cycle race.
• National game of Switzerland is skiing.
• What has 32 panels and 642 stitches-A football (soccer)
• In Tennis where is the Australian Open played-Flinders Park
• What Olympic event was dropped in 1920-Tug of War -1900 to 1920
• FIDE govern what game -Chess.
• Footballer Zaidane originally belongs to which country? Algeria

• What has 32 panels and 642 stitches-A football (soccer)
• First British open squash championship played in 1922.
• First world squash championship 1976.
• Jhangir khan has won world open 6 times.
• Wimbledon open tennis was instituted in 1877.
• A winner of four competitions (Wimbledon, French open, us open, and Australia open) is called Grand Slam.
• Most Wimbledon single (Men) title are won by Pete Sampras (USA).
• Most Wimbledon single (woman) title won by Martina Navratilova (USA).
• Common Wealth game are held every 4 years, they were started in 1931.
• First Asia games were played at New Delhi in 1951.
• 15th Asian Games will be held in Qatar in 2006.
• Current World cup holder of hockey is Netherlands.
• FIFA established in Paris on May 21, 1904.
• Grand slam is the title associated with Pete Sampras.
• Michael Chang (USA) is the youngest to win the title of grand slam.
• Shahid Afridi has made century on 37 balls.
• The title “Oval Hero” is with Fazal Muhammad.
• The sports man Kasparvo is associated with Chess.
• Modern summer Olympic were held in Greece in 1896.
• Olympic held every 4 years.
• Hockey became Olympic event in 1908. Pakistan took part in 1948 in London.
• 1st world cup hockey 1971 at Barcelona (Spain).
• Hockey world cup held every 4 year.
• First world cup cricket 1975, won by West Indies.
• India won world cup cricket in 1983 by beating West Indies.
• 10 countries have test status.
• First test mach was played in 1877 between Australia and England.
• First One day match between Australia and England in Jan 5, 1971.
• First word cup football 1930, Uruguay, and won by Uruguay.
• 1942 world cup football cup did not hold due to Second World War.
• Nigeria is current Olympic footfall champion.
• Geoff hunt is associated with Squash.
• South Africa was expelled from ICC in 1970 because of its apartheid policies.
• Current heavy weight championship is with L. Lewis.
• In cricket batsman can be out by 10 ways.
• Peter Marshal is associated with Squash.
• Pakistan had won 4 title of world cup hockey so far.
• First three work cup crickets were played with 60 over.
• Rocky Morciono only heavy weight boxer remained unbeaten throughout his career.
• Lowest test match inning is 26 by New Zealand.
• Highest no of one-days are played at Sharjah Cricket Ground.
• The champion trophy hockey tournament was introduced by Pakistan in year 1978.

General Knowledge about Olympic Games

On 6 April 1896 at Athens, King George I of Greece opened the Ist Olympic Games of modern times

This time, 14 nationalities participated in 43 events. A total of 241 athletes (all male) participated

The Motto of the Olympic Games is Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger).

The Olympic Anthem . The Olympic hymn was written by the Greek national poet, Costis Palamas, with music composed  by Spiros Samaras and was first sung at the 1896 Games. It was during the 1958 Olympic  Games in Tokyo that the IOC adopted this hymn as the official Olympic anthem.

Detail of Olympic games years

1896 Olympic Games at Athens
1900 Olympic Games at Paris
1904 Olympic Games at St. Louis
1908 Olympic Games at London
1912 Olympic Games at Stockholm
1916 Olympic Games – Not held
1920 Olympic Games at Antwerp
1924 Olympic Games at Paris
1928 Olympic Games at Amsterdam
1932 Olympic Games at Los Angeles
1936 Olympic Games at Berlin
1940 Olympic Games – Not held
1944 Olympic Games – Not held
1948 Olympic Games at London
1952 Olympic Games at Helsinki
1956 Olympic Games at Melbourne
1960 Olympic Games at Rome
1964 Olympic Games at Tokyo
1968 Olympic Games at Mexico
1972 Olympic Games at Munich
1976 Olympic Games at Montreal
1980 Olympic Games at Moscow
1984 Olympic Games at Los Angeles
1988 Olympic Games at Seoul
1992 Olympic Games at Barcelona
1996 Olympic Games at Atlanta
2000 Olympic Games at Sydney
2004 Olympic Games at Athens
2008 Olympic Games at China
2012 Olympic Games at London
2014 Olympic Games at Sochi
2016 Olympic Games at Rio de Janeiro
2018 Olympic Games at Pyeongchang
2020 Olympic Games at Tokyo
2022 Olympic Games at Beijing

General Knowledge of SAF Games

General Knowledge of SAF Games

SAF Games Hosting City Country in 1984,1985,1987,1989,1991,1993,1995,1999,2004,2006,2010,2016,2019,2022

South Asian Games are known as SAF games.

The governing body of these games is South Asian Sports Council  formed in 1983.

At present, SAG are joined by eight members namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

The first South Asian Games were hosted by Kathmandu, Nepal in 1984

These games held after every two years except for some occasions.

Year     Host City         Country

1984     Kathmandu     Nepal

1985     Dhaka            Bangladesh

1987     Calcutta          India

1989     Islamabad      Pakistan

1991     Colombo         Sri Lanka

1993     Dhaka              Bangladesh

1995     Madras             India

1999     Kathmandu      Nepal

2004     Islamabad        Pakistan

2006     Colombo            Sri Lanka

2010     Dhaka                 Bangladesh

2016    Guwahati and Shillong       India

2019   Kathmandu               Nepal

2022  Lahore                        Pakistan