Cadet College Kohat 11th Class Admission Entry Test Model Sample Past Papers Chemistry Physics Biology English Math

Cadet College Kohat 11th Class Admission Entry Test Model Sample Past Papers Chemistry Physics Biology English Math


ENTRANCE EXAMINATION (11TH CLASS) 2012            Marks: 50

Paper : Chemistry

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(Use same sheet for answers)

Q No. 1.          Fill in the blanks with suitable words.        (10)

i).                                 number of atoms are present in 18g H2O.

ii).        The sum of proton and neutron present in the nucleus of an atom is called                           .

iii).       Ionization energy                                from left to right in the periodic table.

iv).       Hydrogen attains the electronic configuration of                              atom during bond formation.

v).        A substance may be separated from a mixture on solubility basis by a process called                     .

vi).       Alkali metals hydrides are powerful                          agent.

vii).      Chlorine gas when passed through water, hydrochloric acid and                              is formed.

viii).     Graphite is                              conductor of electricity.

ix).       Metallic oxides are also called                                   oxides.

x).        In homologous series, the difference in the formulae of two adjacent member is

Q No. 2.          Choose the correct choice for the following statements.                                                         (10)

i).         Enthalpy is more in case when water is                                  .

a). at 25oC                   b). 100oC         c). ice               d). steam

ii).        A strong acid is one which                                         .

a). is more concentrated         b). have smaller pH value

c). dissociate completely in water       d). Change blue litmus to red

iii).       oxidation in electrolysis always occurs at

a). anode         b). cathode      c). any one electrode   d). none of these

iv).       The solubility of sugar in water increases with increase in                                         .

a). pressure                  b). addition of sugar              c). temperature          d). All these

v).        The state of matter is inter convertible by changing

a). temperature            b). pressure                  c). both a and b           d). none of these

vi).       Brine is the aqueous solution of                               

a). NaNO3       b). Na2CO3      c). NaCl           d). Na2SO4

vii).      The purest form of iron is                                          .

a). pig iron       b). wrought iron          c). steel            d). all these

viii).     Chlorine forms phosgene gas with                                          .

a). Methane     b). Ammonia               c). carbon monoxide   d). water

ix).       Which of the following is poison to catalyst in contact process

a). Lead                b). Arsenic                   c). Tin             d). Iron oxide

x).        The chemical formula of magnetic oxide is                            .

a). FeO            b). Fe2O3            c). Fe3O4                  d). Fe2O3 . 2H2O

Q No. 3.          Give brief answers to the following.    (3×10=30)

a).        Define :




b).        Write the electronic configuration of Cl17 , K19 and Mg12.

c).        What do you mean by electron affinity?

d).        Draw dot and cross structure of                 i). CO2             ii). CH4            iii). NH3

e).        Give difference between solution and suspension.

f).        Give three chemical properties of hydrogen.

g).        Differentiate between hard water and heavy water.

h).        Calculate the number of molecules and atoms in 171 gram of C12H22O11.

j).         How will you test Chloride, Bromide and iodide in laboratory?

k).        Write complete and balance equation.                                                                        


i).         Cu +   H2 SO4 aq


ii).        NH3   +   O2


iii).       pbS  + O3

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