NTS SBP State Bank of Pakistan OG-2 Sample Past Papers

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BS Environmental Science Entrance Test MCQS Past Papers

BS Environmental Science Entrance Test MCQS Past Papers in pdf download to prepare test online

1) What is the weekly safe dose of radiations for nuclear facility workers?
a) 1 mSv b) 10 mSv c) 100 mSv d) 1000 mSv

2) Iodine has a half life of 8 days. From 10 mg of iodine, how much quantity will be left
after 32 days?
a) 5 mg b) 2.5 mg c) 1.25 mg d) 0.625 mg

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3) Which of the followings is not a renewable form of energy?
a) Solar b) wind c) Hydroelectricity d) Coal

4) A geostationary satellite orbits around earth in __________.
a) 24 hours b) One month c) One year d) it is static and does not orbit.

5) The average speed of a running Cheetah is _______
a) 10 ms-1 b) 29 ms-1
c) 37 ms-1
d) 62 ms-1

6) Main source of Helium is _______.
a) Air b) Radium c) Monazite d) Water

7) Which block of elements are known as transition elements?
a) p-block b) s-block c) d-block d) f-block

8) Most abundant element in the earth’s crust is______.
a) Si b) Al c) Zn d) Fe

9) Which of the following is one of the most common methods to kill microbial
contamination in water?
a) Filtration b) Chlorination c) Incineration d) All of the above

10) Chromium (VI) is a vital environmental contaminant associated to_________ industry.
a) Leather Tanneries b) Petroleum c) Polymer d) Beverages

11) Dengue control will be studied in which branch of biological science?
a) Human biology b) Microbiology c) Histology d) Parasitology

12) When living and non-living components interact to produce a stable system in which
exchange of material with flow of energy takes place, it forms a /an _______.
a) Environment b) Ecosystem c) Stable community d) Ecological successions

13) Removal or degradation of environmental pollutants or toxic materials by living
organisms is known as __________.
a) Biological control b) Immunization c) Bioremediation d) Integrated disease

14) ______________ are called environmental buffers.
a) Forests b) Deserts c) Lakes d) Rivers

15) The total area of the world under cultivation is__________.
a) 5% b) 11% c) 21% d) 31%

16) In which zone plant community is most diverse?
a) Limnetic zone b) Littoral zone c) Profundal zone d) All of these

17) Which of the following combinations can best describe the ‘Environment’?
a) Biotic and abiotic components b) Humans and other living species
c) Planets and plants d) Earth and space

18) Which of the following problems is not created by noise pollution?
a) Diarrhoea b) Hypertension c) Deafness d) Irritation

19) The recent heavy metal issue in drinking water of Pakistan is related to_________
a) Zinc b) Arsenic c) Iron d) Molybdenum

20) World Environment Day is celebrated every year on ______.
a) 5th March b) 15th April c) 15th May d ) 5th June

Answers: A, D, D, A, B, C, C, A, B, A

D, B, C, A, B, B, A, A, B, D

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