BS Allied Health Sciences AHS DPT Entry Test MCQS Papers pdf

BS Allied Health Sciences AHS DPT Entry Test MCQS Past Papers pdf, Important MCQs biology for test

When the presence of a gene at one locus suppresses the effect of a gene at another locus, the
phenomenon is called Epistasis.

The gene for ABO-blood group systems in humans is represented by symbol: I

When a single gene affects two or more traits, the phenomenon is called Pleiotropy. 

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The comparative embryology of all vertebrates shows development of Gill pouches.

In men, sex-determination depends upon the nature of Heterogametic male.

Population of different species (plants and animals) living in the same habitat form a Community. 

The part of the body which forms a structural and functional unit and is composed of more than
one tissue is called Organ. 

A method in which pests are destroyed by using same living organisms or natural enemies is
called Biological control.

Chemicals produced by microorganisms which are capable of destroying the growth of microbes
are called Antibiotics.

Plastids are only found in the Plants.

Plasma membrane is chemically composed of Lipids and proteins. 

Endoplasmic reticulum contains a system of flattened membrane-bounded sacs which are
named as Cisternae.

Lipids synthesis / metabolism takes place in organelle Smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

Ribosomes exist in two forms, either attached with RER or freely dispersed in the Cytoplasm.

Exchange of segments between homologous chromosomes is called Crossing over.

If a person has 44 autosomes + XXY, he will suffer from Klinefelter’s syndrome. 

The ribosomal RNA is synthesized and stored in Nucleolus. 

In G1 phase stage of Interphase, there is increase in cell size and many biochemical are formed.

In Down’s syndrome, 21 pair of chromosome fails to segregate?

Carbohydrates are organic molecules and contain three elements Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Glyceraldehydes and dihydroxyacetone are intermediates in respiration and photosynthesis both.

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