Biology PMC MDCAT Sample Papers 2021 Entry Test

Biology PMC MDCAT Sample Papers 2021 Entry Test

Q.1 Cloning is a form of
Asexual Reproduction

Q.2 Group of interbreeding individuals of particular species, sharing common geographical area is called:

Q.3 Which of the following proteins is common in man and aerobic bacteria?
Cytochrome c

Q.4 Ozone filters ultraviolet radiations from the sun in the upper

Q.5 A parasite living inside body of the host is called

Q.6 An association between two organisms benefiting both is called

Q.7 In aquatic ecosystem, human activities may accelerate the process of

Q.8 Beri Beri is due to
Nutritional deficiency

Q.9 The natural heat energy trapped underground is
Geothermal energy

Q.10 Which of the following is the lowest level of biological organization with respect to others?
Multicellular organisms

Q.11 When an electron pair is shared between two atoms
Single covalent bond is formed

Q.12 The first microbe to have the genome completely sequenced and was published on July 28th, 1995 was
Haemophillus infulenzae

Q.13 An activated enzyme consisting of polypeptide and a cofactor is known as

Q.14 __________ forms weak linkages with enzymes and their effect can be neutralized completely or partly by an increase in the concentration of the substrate.
Reversible inhibitors

Q.15 In prokaryotic cell, wall strengthening material is

Q.16 The entire cell wall of bacteria is often regarded as a single huge molecule or molecular complex called

Q.17 Krebs’s cycle takes place in

Q.18 Chemically, viruses are made up of
Nucleic acid and protein

Q.19 Widespread epidemic disease, influenza is caused by
RNA enveloped virus

Q.20 When the division of cells is in three planes, the arrangement is known as

Q.21 Bacterial ‘death rate’ is equal to ‘birth rate; in
Stationary phase

Q.22 Trypanosoma is a human parasite causing
African sleeping sickness

Q.23 The feeding stage of slime mold is a

Q.24 Drug obtained from fungus used for lowing blood cholesterol is

Q.25 Fungi store surplus food in the form of

Q.26 The ecological role of fungi as decomposers is paralleled only by

Q.27 “Vascular System absent; gametophyte dominant, sporophyte attached to gametophyte; homosporous” are distinguishing characters of

Q.28 Which of the following features differentiate angiosperms from gymnosperms?

Q.29 In Pakistan, the furniture wood is mainly obtained from the members of family:

Q.30 Which of the following is exclusive character of mammals?

Q.31 The molecule formed after first phosphorylation during glycolysis is:

Q.32 Krebs Cycle in mitochondria takes place in:

Q.33 At the junction between esophagus and the stomach there is a special ring of muscles called:
Cardiac Sphincter

Q.34 Hepatic and pancreatic secretions are also stimulated by a hormone called:

Q.35 Like pepsin, trypsin is also secreted as inactive trypsinogen, which is activated by:

Q.36 During photorespiration, the glycolate is converted into glycine in a structure of cell called:

Q.37 The respiratory pigment, which has much higher affinity to combine with oxygen, is:

Q.38 Most of the carbon dioxide is carried in the blood in the form of:

Q.39 Antibiotics are actually:
Globular proteins

Q.40 Heparin prevents blood clots and is released by:

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