Bank Al Habib GTO Test MCQs Sample Papers Preparation PDF

Bank Al Habib GTO Test MCQs Sample Papers Preparation PDF, Banking Related Test Solved MCQS Questions with Answers

Q1. Call back instructions is to be followed for:
A. All cheques over threshold presented by customers themselves.
B. All cheques over threshold presented in inward clearing, transfer & remittances by
third party
C. All cheques over threshold presented by third parties for cash payments
D. b & c

Q2. While making reversals for cash credit transactions branch must:-
A. Get back already issued Computerized Deposit Receipt from the customer
B. Reverse the cash transaction in the system.
C. Make a note on the voucher
D. All the above

Q3. What could be the reason(s) for a card to be captured in an ATM:-
A. When the card is blocked / disabled
B. When the card is expired
C. Picture of customer is not visible in the ATM camera
D. a & b

Q4. In an organization, document that consists of all ethical standards that employer expects
from employees to comply with, is known as:
A. Code of Ethics
B. Descriptive code
C. Procedural code
D. Distributive code

Q5. Initial Deposit is directly credited to customer account opened through “Instant Account
Opening”. However, in which of the following case initial deposit can be parked in
Sundry Deposit GL for the time being?
A. On Customer Demand.
B. On the choice of Branch Staff.
C. In case account is not opened same day due to any system issue.
D. Only a & c

Q6. Personal accounts should not be used for:
i. Collection of Donation/ Charity
ii. Foreign Remittances
iii. Heavy Business Transactions
A. i, and ii only
B. i & iii only
C. ii and iii only
D. i, ii & iii

7.FATF stands for:
A. Formal Action Task Force
B. Fiduciary Auction Task Force
C. Financial Action Task Force
D. Financial Auction Task Force

8.In case the CNIC does not contain a photograph, bank/ DFI shall obtain following:
A. A duly attested copy of either driving license, service card, Nikah Nama, birth
certificate, Educational degree/certificate, pension book, insurance certificate.
B. A photograph duly attested by gazette officer/ Nazim/ Administrator/bank officer.
C. A copy of CNIC without photograph duly attested by the same person who attested
the photograph.
D. All of the above

Q9. When an affluent and influential customer wants to open an account but is not fulfilling
all the requirements, the bank representative should:
A. Open the account
B. Refused to open an account
C. Report to the branch manager
D. Report to FIA/ NAB

10.Which of the following statement is correct for Cashier’s Cheque?
A. Cashier cheques cannot be issued to unrelated Third Parties
B. Issuance of Cashier cheque to walk in customers is restricted to Rs. 250,000/- per
C. Issuance of duplicate cashier cheque only requires a request from the customer
D. Cashier cheque cannot be issued to Students

11.Criminals use banks and other official channels to move dirty money back and forth to
disguise its:
i. Origin
ii. Reporting
iii. Ownership
iv. Nature
A. i, ii, iii only
B. i, iii, iv only
C. i, ii, iv only
D. i, ii, iii and iv

Q12. Generally, the formulation of the AML/CFT policy of the financial institution is the
responsibility of its:
A. Board of Directors
B. Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
C. Money Laundering Responsible Officer (MLRO)
D. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)