IBP MTO Sample Past Papers Solved MCQS pdf

IBP MTO Sample Past Papers Solved MCQS pdf, MTO Test Pattern, Test Criteria , MTO Paper Distribution


Q1. You are the branch manager of Bank of Azad Jammu & Kashmir’s branch located in Muzaffarabad.
Draft a letter for your existing customers informing them about the new house-financing scheme
offered by the bank.

Select the correct SYNONYM (same or similar meaning).

A. Mount
B. Flavor
C. Private
D. Drink

Select the correct ANTONYM (opposite meaning).

A. Gain
B. Prosperity
C. Detriment
D. Perk

Select the correct meaning of the WORDS/ IDIOMS/ PHRASES.

A. Doing something illegal
B. When a company is having losses
C. To rob a bank
D. Cost more than one can afford


Select the correct answer from the given options.

Q5. Which alphabet completes the puzzle?
A E ? O U
A. G
B. I
C. K
D. M

Q6. Complete the following sequence:
3/81, 9/27, 27/9, ____
A. 9/81
B. 27/3
C. 81/3
D. 3/9

Q7. Find the pair of words that best express a relationship similar to that of the original pair in the given
Accommodation: Rent : : Journey : ?
A. Income
B. Fare
C. Accident
D. Crew

Q8. Pick the odd one out.
A. Islamabad
B. Beijing
C. Mumbai
D. Riyadh

Q9. Fahad died and left Rs. 80,000 to be distributed among his friends Aqib, Aqeel and Hatim in the
ratio of 13:6:1 respectively. How much will be Aqeel’s share?
A. Rs. 4,000
B. Rs. 12,000
C. Rs. 24,000
D. Rs. 52,000

Q10. The cost of a laptop is raised from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 62,400 and the cost of cell phone is raised
from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 42,400. Find the total percentage increase.
A. 6.4%
B. 4.8%
C. 8.4%
D. 10.0%


Select the correct answer from the given options.

Q11. Second Governor General of Pakistan was:
A. Khawaja Nazimuddin
B. Liaquat Ali Khan
C. Iskander Mirza
D. Ghulam Muhammad

Q12. The three main sectors of Pakistan Economy are:
A. Agriculture, Health, Industry
B. Agriculture, Education, Industry
C. Agriculture, Service, Industry
D. Agriculture, Education, Health


Select the correct answer from the given options.

Q13. Equipment with a Cost (01-01-2020) Rs. 675,000
Estimated Salvage Value Rs. 45,000
Estimated Life 4 years
What is the amount of depreciation for the first year, ended in December 31, 2020? The company
uses straight-line method of depreciation.
A. Rs. 168,750
B. Rs. 157,500
C. Rs. 170,100
D. Rs. 163,125

Q14. A Provision is?
A. A liability of uncertain timing or amount
B. A liability of uncertain timing, however, of a certain amount
C. A liability of certain timing but of uncertain amount
D. Not a liability

Q15. Calculate the amount of gross profit/ loss from the following data:
Opening Inventory Rs. 360,000
Purchases Rs. 1,800,000
Cost of Goods Sold Rs. 2,120,000
Sales Rs. 2,980,000
A. Rs. 780,000 Gross Profit
B. Rs. 780,000 Gross Loss
C. Rs. 860,000 Gross Profit
D. Rs. 860,000 Gross Loss

Q16. According to current industry practice, Islamic Bank current account is governed by:
A. Musharakah
B. Mudarabah
C. Qard
D. Wakalah

Q17. Which of the following is not a Sale Based mode of Finance?
A. Istisna
B. Musawamah
C. Murabaha
D. Mudarabah

Q18. When opening a new branch of a bank, all of the following points should be considered, EXCEPT:
A. Population of the area
B. Nature of the area i.e., Agriculture/ Commercial
C. Deposit and business potential of the area
D. Customer interpersonal skills

Q19. A ___________________ is a value-received instrument, in local as well as foreign currencies,
issued to the bank’s customers.
A. Treasury Bond
B. Traveler Cheque
C. Prize Bond
D. Bill of Exchange

Select the correct answer from the given options.

Q20. ______________ allows word processor automatically moves to next line at the end of current line
and readjust text if user changes the margin.
A. Insert Text
B. Word Wrap
C. Cut and Paste
D. Page Size and Margin

Q21. At present, banks are using mPOS (mobile Point of Sale) terminals as alternative of traditional POS
machine by utilizing _____ connectivity.
C. 1-Link