10th Class English Unit-7 Questions with Simple Answers

Unit 7:  10th Class English Unit-7 Little by Little One Walks Far Questions with Simple Answers
Questions Answers from Text Book Exercise

1. What are some distinctions of the writer?

Answer: He won awards for Quaid-e-Azam batch in scouting, quiz contest “Who is Who”, Computer Applications, Geography, Essay Writing and Advanced Algebra.

2. How has the writer spent his summer vacation?

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Answer: During the summer vacations, he did many jobs to develop a sense of responsibility.

3. What has he gained from his summer jobs experiences?

Answer: The summer jobs experiences have made him mature and responsible person.

4. How are these experiences helpful to him in future?

Answer: These experiences have made the writer mature and responsible.

5. What kind of student is the writer? Which of his qualities impress you?

Answer: The writer is a well-rounded and active student. His responsible and mature attitude impressed me.

From Lesson:

1. What kind of person is the author?

Answer: The author is a well-rounded, active, responsible and mature person.

2. What does the author want to imply by mentioning his co-curricular activities?

Answer: By mentioning his co-curricular activities, the writer wants to imply that he is a well rounded and active student.

3. How have these job experiences made the author more mature?

Answer: By doing these jobs, the author has a sense of responsibility. Thus he has become more mature.

4. What has motivated the author to participate so actively?

Answer: The author has developed a positive outlook which motivated him to participate in co-curricular activities actively. Unit- 8 Questions Answers

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