Simple Answers of Questions Chapter-6 English 10th

Unit 6: Simple Answers of Questions Chapter-6 English 10th  Television vs. Newspapers
Questions Answers from Text Book Exercise

1. How is a newspaper more convenient medium of news?

Answer: Newspaper is more convenient medium because we can read a newspaper at any time and at any place.

2. How does a viewer get restricted while watching TV news?

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Answer: Because a viewer of TV cannot choose to skip any piece of news.

3. In what way viewing news on TV is easier than reading newspaper?

Answer: Because everything on television is visuals and auditory.

4. How do newspapers give us more in-depth coverage?

Answer: Newspapers give us more in-depth coverage through editorials and columns.

5. Why do some people read more than one newspapers?

Answer: Some people read many newspapers to check the validity of news.

6. How can readers give feedback to the newspaper articles?

Answer: The readers can give feedback to the newspaper articles by writing to the forum pages.

7. Which medium do you prefer for news? Why?

Answer: I prefer TV for news because it provides updated news and visuals.

Questions Answers from Lesson:

1. What is one good thing about newspapers?

Answer: We can read a newspaper at any time and at any place.

2. How does television make us lazy?

Answer: Because we can view the news at TV without any effort.

3. Have you ever given your views on any article?

Answer: Yes, once I gave my views on “Corruption” in response to a column published in “The Jang”.

4. Which simile has the author used and why?

Answer: The author says that TV news is just like fast food and newspapers is just like a dinner with many dishes. The writer has used this simile to tell us that we can read news of own choice in newspaper while it is not possible on TV. Questions Unit-7

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