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FPSC Notes of Pakistan Studies

• Mast Tawakkal was the poet of Balochi.
• Khanpur dam is near Haripur.
• Skardu is also called “Little Tibet”.
• Swat became part of Pakistan in 1969.
• The most precious gemstone “Emerald” are found in Swat.
• Gilgit is the capital of Northern Areas of Pak:
• Khushhal Khan belonged to English period.
• The alphabet of Pushto was prepared by Saifullah.
• First poet of Pushto was Amir Karar.
• Saiful Maluk is near Naran.
• Dera Adam khan is famous for Gun factory.
• Durand line is b/w Peshawar and Afghanistan.
• Pakistan Forest Institution is located in Peshawar.
• Bala Hassan Fort was built by Babrat at Peshawar.
• Saidu Sharif is a lake in NWFP.
• British took Peshawar from Sikhs.
• Population-wise NWFP stands 3rd.
• Area-wise it is 4th.
• Lands down Bridge connect Sukkur with Rohri.
• Guddu Barrage was completed in 1932.
• Real name of Qalandar Lal Shahbaz is Shaikh Usman Marvindi.
• In 1973 constitution there are 290 articles.
• Pak: comprises of 61% of mountainous area.
• National Assembly has 342 seats & Senate has 100 seats with 14 for each province.
• Provincial Assembly seats Punjab=371, Sindh=168, NWFP=124, Baluchistan=65.
• Name of Ustad Bukhari is Syed Ahmed Shah.
• Real name of Shaikh Ayaz is Shaikh Mubarak.
• Barrages on Indus are Toonsa, Jinnah, Sukkur, Gudo, Kotri & Ghulam Mohd:.
• Ports and harbours are Kimari (Kar: ), Bin Qasim (Kar: ),
• Jinnah Naval Base (ormara), Gawadar (Baluc: ), Panjgore (Baluch: ).
• Deserts of Pak: Thar (Sindh), Thal (Punjab), Cholistan (Punjab).
• Famous glaciers are Siachen, Batura, Baltoro.
• K2 (Karakurum Range) with 8610 meters.
• Mountain Ranges are Himaliya, Koradoram, Hindu Kash, Sulaiman and Salt Range.
• Tomb of Babur is in Kabul.
• Real name of Noor Jahan (Wife of Jahangir) was Mehrun Nisa.
• NADRA was setup in Feb: 16, 2000.
• The master plan of Islamabad was prepared in 1960 by MIS Constructinos Doxiades (of Greek).
• National Institute of Oceanlogy Karachi =1982.
• Pak: test fired Ghauri missile in April 6, 1998.
• First nuclear reactor was setup in Karachi.
• Pak:’s first agriculture university setup in Faisalabad.
• Chomas festival is held in Kalash valley near Chitral.
• Nearest provincial capital from Islamabad is Peshawar.
• Tomb of Hamayoon is in Delhi.
• Tomb of Jahangir is at Lahore.
• National Assembly has 60 women seats.
• National anthem was written in 1954.
• Gandhara civilization discovered from Texila.
• Social Action Plan launched in 1992-93.
• Rahmat Ali suggested name of Pakistan on 28th Jan: 1933 in “Now or Never” pamphlet in London.
• Rehmat Ali was born in 1893 in a village Mohar district Hoshiyarpur (East Punjab).
• Rahmat Ali died at the age of 58 in 1951 and was buried in Cambridge University.
• Ancient name of Peshawar was Phushkalvati.
• India framed its constitution in 1950.
• Kara korum Highway (Silkroute) B/w Pak: & China was completed on 18th June, 1978.
• Jamrood Fort (Peshawar) was built by General Hari Singh Nalwa in 1836.
• Landi Khani is the end of the main line of Railway system of Pakistan.
• Cholistan desert is in Bahawlpur district.
• Harpa is in Sahiwal.
• Bhambhore is in Thatta.
• Firdousi, the Persian poet (Shah Nama) was the member of Sultan Mehmood’s court.
• Tomb of Baba Farid is in Pak Patan.
• Tomb of Sachal is in Ranipur.
• Nishtar Hospital is the largest hospital in Pakistan and was built in 1953.
• A.H means Anne Hegirae (Latin Term) =13th Sep: 622 A.D.
• Nanga Parbat is situated in Himalayan.
• Total arable land of Pakistan is 27%.
• Pakistan is situated at the West End of the Indo Gangetic.
• Wakhan separates Pakistan from Tajikistan.
• Hindu-kush range is also known as Little Pamirs.
• Sub-Himalya is also known as Siwaliks.
• The Sindh Sagar Doab is also known as Thal Desert.
• Takt-I-Suleman is the highest peak of Sulaiman Mountains.
• The length of Indus River is 2900 km.
• Six barrages are constructed on the River Indus.
• Hispar Glacies is located in Hunza.
• The famous Umar Kot fort was built in 1746.
• Katch and Gawadar are the districts of Makran Division.
• Punjgore is the district of Makran division.
• Meaning of Quetta is fort.
• Gomal River is in NWFP.
• The total length of coastline of Pakistan is 1046.
• Cease Fire line came into existence in 1949.
• Pakistan can be divided into six natural regions.
• High of K2 is 8611 Meters.
• The coldest place in Pakistan is Sakardu.
• Most of the Hosiery Industry is located in Karachi.
• The Heavy Mechanical complex was established with the help of China at Taxila.
• The first Census in the subcontinent took place in the year 1901.
• Wheat is the major Kharif Crop of Pakistan.
• Kotli is the city of Azad Kashmir.
• The SOS village built in Faisalabad.
• Pakistan celebrated Quaid’s year in 2001.
• Pakistani Cricketer Saeed Anwar declared to join Afghan Jehad.
• Maulana Shibly wrote books on Islamic History.
• The first translation of the Holy Quran was in Sindhi.
• Qutab Minar is in Delhi.
• Cholistan Desert is in Bahawalpur.
• Pakistan can be divided per climate into 4 regions.
• Hashim Shah wrote Sassi Punnu.
• The British Communal Award was announced in 1932.
• Land between two rivers is called Do, aba.
• Shah Jahan Constructed Jamia Masjid Thatta.
• Sindh River flows from Bolan River.
• Kohat is the oldest cantonment of Pakistan.
• Muslims were interested in the art of Calligraphy.
• The length of Durand Line is 2240 km.
• The length of Pakistan’s common border with Iran is 805 km.
• Chinese province adjoining Pakistan is Sinkiang.
• Jinnah Barrage is originated on the river Sindh.
• The height of Tarbela Dam is 500 feet.
• Wah city of Pakistan is linked with cement, arms and ammunition industry.
• Sukkur barrage is completed in 1932.
• Khanpur Dam is near Islamabad.
• Simly Lake is near Islamabad.
• Tanda Dam is located in NWFP.
• Khanpur Dam irrigates Attock and Abbotabad.
• Sassi was born in Bhutta Wahan.
• Baba Farid Shakar Gunj died at Pakpattan in 1265.
• Nishtar hospital is the largest hospital in Pakistan.
• Sahiwal is the new name of ‘Montgomery’.
• Noor Mahal is located at Bahawalpur.
• The founder of Suharwardi silsila in Pakistan is Rukn-e-Alam.
• Baheshti Darwaza is located in Pakpattan.
• The tomb of Anarkali is situated in at Lahore.
• Shahjehan built Shalimar Garden.
• Hazrat Data Gunj Baksh came in Lahore in 1039 A.D. from the city of Ghazni.
• Minar-e-Pakistan is also called Minto park
• Data Ganj Baksh is the author of Kashful Mahjoob.
• Badshaahi mosque was built in 1674.
• The construction of Islamabad began in 1952.
• Sher Shah built G.T. Road.
• Imperial Highway is the old name of G.T. Road.
• Karakoram highway passes through 3 ranges.
• Nanga Parbat is commonly known as Killer Mountain.
• Karakoram highway was completed in 1978.
• Karakoram was completed in the total period of 20 years.
• The word Karakoram means ‘crumbling rock’.
• Karakoram is a Turkish word.
• Karakoram highway passes through khunjrab pass.
• Punial is said to be the place where ‘heaven and earth meet’.
• Siachin glacier is located near Astor.
• Hunza is called real Shangrilla.
• Khyber Pass connects Gilgit with Chitral.
• Totally Punjab has 8 divisions.
• The contribution of forestry to the agriculture sector is 0.4%.
• Use of Boron and Zink can improve cotton yield.
• National Arid and Land Development and Research Institute is located at Islamabad.
• Arid Zone Research Centre of PARC is situated at Quetta.
• Thar Coalfield is the biggest coalfield of Pakistan.
• An M-1 motorway is Islamabad-Peshawar.
• NEC (company) set up Pakistan’s first T.V. station.
• 3 radio stations were working at the time of partition.
• Total length of Indus Highway is
• The new name of Debal is ‘Bhanbhore’.
• Gharo Creek is a lake.
• Kalakot Fort is situated near Thatta.

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