Pak Studies Solved Questions

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Steel Mill is in Bin Qasim
Old name of Jacobabad is Khangharh.
Kot Digi Fort is in Khairpur district.
Peshawar means city of flowers.
Warsak dam (near Peshawar) is built on Kabul River.
Tirich Mir mounts of Hindu Kash separate Afghanistan and Tajistan from Pak:
Islamia College Peshawar was founded in 1914 by Sahibzada Abdul Qayum.
Quaid Azam Medical College is in Bahawalpur.
Choukundi toms are located near Karachi.
Atock Fort was built by Akbar.
The land b/w Indus & Jehlum river is called Thal Desert or Sindh Sagar Doab.
Ruins of Harapa found in Sahiwal.
Lahore Fort was built by Akbar.
At Toonsa Sharif the borders of three provinces meet.
With Gilgit & Baltistan the frontiers of three counties meet.
Tochi pass connects Pak: with China.
Pak: has 6 international airports.
Pak: has 27 Radio Stations.
Pak: railways factory is in Risalpur.

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Chitral is famous for gold.
Port Qasim is the largest seaport of Pak: smallest is Gawadar
The chairman of National Economic Council is PM.
National flower of Pakistan is Jasmine.
National bird of Pakistan is Chakore.
National tree of Pakistan is Deodar.
National animal of Pakistan is Markhor (a type of goat).
National emblem of Pakistan is Cresent.
National sport of Pakistan is land Hockey.
Oldest cantonment of Pak: is Kohat.
HQ of Pak: Army is at RawalPindi.
HQ of Airforce is at Chaklala.
HQ of Navy is at Islamabad.
Islamabad is 8 miles from Rawalpindi.
Photograph on the coin of one rupee is Quaid’s photo.
4.8% of total area of Pak: is forests (standard is 25%)
Hub dam and Thadho Dam are in Malir Karachi near Gadap Town.
Map of Shah Faisal Mosque was made by Wahdat Diloky of Turkey.
Largest radio station of Pak: is Islamabad.
Tarbela dam is in Abot Abad.
Raeewind is in Kasur.
Baitul Maal established in 1992.
General sales tax, under the constitution 1973 is a Federal subject.
Pak: national flag was adopted on 11 August, 1947
Jasmine adopted on July 5, 1961.
National drink is Cane Juice.
Railway stations in Pak: = 965.
Rabi crops are grown b/w months of Oct-March.
Under Indus Water Basin Treaty Pak: got Jehlum, Chenab & Indus. India got Ravi, Sutlaj.
Chenab and Jehlum flow from Kashmir.
Tirchmir is the highest peak of Hindukash.
A bicameral legislature was proposed for the first time in 1973 constitution.
Length of Pak-India border is 1,610 km.
Length of Pak-Iran border is 805 km.
Length of Pak-China border is 595 km.
Length of Pak-Afghan border is 2052 km or 1300 miles.
5 rivers flow in Punjab Ravi, Sutlaj, Chenab, Indus & Beas.
Warsak dam is on Kabul River.
Rawal Dam is on Kurrang River.
Khanpur dam is on Haro River.
Tanda dam is in Baluchistan.
Tarbela deam was completed in 1969.
Length of Indus is 2900 km.
Source of Indus is Mansoorowar Lake in Gilgit.
Muztag pass connects Gilgit-Yarkand (China).
Khankum Pass connects Chitral-Wakhan (Afghanistan)
The Shandur Pass connects Chitral and Gilgit.