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Written Test Syllabus Civil Judges Magistrates Balochistan High Court

Written Test Syllabus Civil Judges Magistrates Balochistan High Court 2021 Jobs


Territorial and pecuniary jurisdiction.
Classes of courts and their jurisdiction.
Doctrines of estoppel, res judicata and res subjudice.
Cause of action.
Description of parties.
Court fee.
Suits valuation.
Basic rules of pleadings.
Plaint, written statement, set-off, application and affidavit.
Return and rejection of plaint.
Verification and oath.
Better statement.
Suits by or against Government and public servants (Article 174 of the Constitution,
section 79 and 80 CPC).
Suits by or against corporations (Order XXIX CPC).
Suits by or against firms (Partnership Act, 1932).
Suits relating to public matters (sections 91, 92 and order XXXI CPC).
Suit by paupers.
Effect of death of parties.
Legal representatives.
Summons to defendant (section 27 and Order V CPC).
Consequences of non-appearance of parties.
Ex-parte proceedings, setting aside ex-parte orders/decrees.
Receivers and local commissions.
Principles governing attachment before judgment.
Principles governing temporary injunction.
Disobedience of attachment/injunction orders.
Pre-trial proceedings.
Production and admission/denial of documents.
Principles governing settlement of issues (issues of law and fact).
Burden of proof.
Recording of evidence and order in which evidence is to be recorded.
Leading questions, cross-examination, hostile witnesses, power of judge to ask question.
Facts on which evidence need not be given.
General rules of evidence (Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, 1984).
Presumptions, relevancy and admissibility, direct and circumstantial evidence.
Persons who may testify and number of witnesses.
Oaths (Oaths Act, 1873, Article 163 Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, 1984).
Competency, capability and credibility of witnesses.
Law of limitation.
Documentary and opinion evidence.
Additional evidence.
Summary trials (including principles governing leave to defend).
Principles governing compromise and withdrawal of cases.
Judgments and decrees (contents, relief and cost).
Decree obtained by fraud and misrepresentation.
Execution of decrees.
Objections in execution.
Scope of execution.
Limitation for execution.
Modes of execution of decree.
Computation of period of limitation.
Condonation of delay.
Rent laws.
Suit for declaration (Specific Relief Act, 1877).
Suit for injunction (Specific Relief Act, 1877).
Suit for possession (Specific Relief Act, 1877).
Suit for specific performance (Specific Relief Act, 1877).
Suit for cancellation of documents (Specific Relief Act, 1877).
Agreement for sale, sale deed (registration and stamp duty).
Leases (registration and stamp duty).
Agreements (Contract Act).
Basic concept of inheritance in Islam.
Maintenance of wife and children.
Dissolution of marriage.

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What is an offence.
Mens rea.
Attempt to commit offence.
Common intention.
Unlawful assembly.
Common object.
Section 3 and 4 of Prohibition (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance, 1979.
Presumption in narcotics cases.
Cognizable and non-cognizable offences.
FIR and complaint.
Statement made to police (section 161 Cr.P.C).
Maintenance of police diaries.
Remand during investigation.
Remand to police custody and judicial custody.
Preventive orders.
Confessional statement.
Police report or challan.
Trial, including summary trials.
Process to procure attendance.
Accused’s counsel.
Charge (framing separate/joint, errors).
Admission of guilt.
Identification parade.
Dying declaration.
Site plan.
Burden of proof.
Taking and recording evidence.
Examination of the accused.
Power of court to ask questions.
Who may testify and questions of competence.
Direct evidence and hearsay.
Credibility of witness.
Medical and chemical reports.
Direct and circumstantial evidence.
Recovery evidence.
Additional evidence.
Bail (bailable cases, non-bailable cases).
Principles governing bail.
Pre-arrest bail.
Cancellation of bail.
Bail after conviction.
Bail bonds and their forfeiture.
Orders of acquittal during trial.
Sentencing (Qisas, Diyat, Arsh, Daman, Tazir, imprisonment, forfeiture of property, fine,
Probation (Probation of Offenders Ordinance, 1960)
Period of detention during trial.
Disposal of property subject matter of offence.
Release of property.

Translation from Urdu into English and from English into Urdu.
Legal terms and phrases.
Proper use of words.

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