9th English Chapter-12 Answers of Questions

Unit No 12 “Three Days To See” 9th English Chapter-12 Answers of Questions

Q .1 Who was Helen Keller?

Ans. She was a blind and deaf woman  but she was a famous writer .

Q.2 Describe thought expressed by the author in the first paragraph?

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Ans. She thought that we should live with gentleness and keenness of appreciation.

Q.3 What make you feel that author is sad and depressed?
Ans. The authoress is sad and depressed that the people with eyes can see little.

Q.4 How do you get an impression that she was a great admirer of nature?

Ans. She was a great admirer of nature as she admired dawn, the pageant
of seasons, grass, birds and trees.

Q.5 People who are deprived of sight not devoid of imagination. Discuss, referring to the text.

Ans. The Helen Keller’s great imagination is a role model for people who are deprived of sight not devoid of imagination.

Q.6 “To me the pageant of seasons is an un-ending drama”, comment?

Ans. It explains law of nature that the change in the seasons is endless.

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